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6 Tricks To Follow In 2019 For SEO & Content Marketing

Content drives marketing. Content marketing is the practice of creating and distributing content to achieve marketing goals. If done right, it can help you build your brand’s reputation, create brand awareness, generate leads, create an audience and build customer loyalty. Distributing content without any strategy is not going to help you reap any benefits. Successful content distribution is a combination of SEO and an all-inclusive content marketing strategy.

In recent times, there has been a heated debate on the relevance of content and SEO in marketing. The only conclusion that can be drawn from the debate is that content is the driving force for SEO and together, they can be used to accomplish any digital marketing goal. Here are a few tricks of content marketing and SEO that you must know about:

1) Don’t opt for content duplication:

Most of the brands these days are choosing the easy way out, posting duplicate content. Content duplication in keyword heavy blogs, sponsored opinion pieces, and generic articles do not help fetch an authentic audience or results. The average length of an article in the top 5 results of a SERP query is 2,207 words, which means the user doesn’t read beyond an article or two, which makes it necessary to make it to the top three searches and the only way to rank higher is by giving thorough information and using the right keywords. So, any form of copy-paste content gets filtered out as the readers find no interest in them.   

The formula is simple: 

No relevant content = no audience engagement. No audience engagement = no results.

2) Visual Content increases engagement: 

Visual content has become the most favored format for gaining momentum on social media. According to research, adults over 18 years of age spend more than 6 hours every day on their mobile phones, which means they constantly consume news, infographics, memes, photos, and videos. Any form of visual content gets more attention than a long heavily-worded article, as it is easy to make and easier to consume and understand. Therefore, putting out brand communication in a visual format is the best way forward to increase user engagement. 

3) Design a Content Delivery Network:

 A well-written content piece or a well-designed infographic goes to an absolute waste if it’s not posted in the right social media channel. A well-researched article or a video needs to be published on the right channel and at the right time to get the desired user engagement. Choose your content delivery channels wisely to reap the desired benefits. 

4) Pay attention to EAT guidelines:

Google’s search quality rating guidelines specify the increased use of EAT, which stands for Expertise, Authority, and Trustworthiness. The EAT guidelines focus on the quality of the content which comes with a certain context, which simply means that you can’t rank by writing authoritative content unless you are actually an authority on a subject. Hence, it becomes imperative to look at content distribution and promotion from a reputation standpoint.

5) Focus on Technical SEO and On-Page Optimization:

Technical SEO and On-Page Optimization have become a major factor contributing to website growth and businesses must invest in it. This ensures internal site search and provides relevant results to the users, as they are able to navigate through common questions and queries while the customer support is quickly able to respond to business-related questions. 

The only way to make a mark in the digital world is by combining content and SEO to provide hyper-local solutions to customers to ensure their engagement. Only by adapting and understanding the customer’s psyche you can get ahead of the curve!

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