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Branding is not
just a logo!

It’s a craft that make things people love. So we cultivate brand strategies, nurture brands & create brand value.

When creating a brand, don’t let your desire for meaning INTERFERE with your sense of purpose.

Design Your Story

We are a strategic branding agency in India – Start-ups to Challenger businesses to Fortune companies – that works globally with leadership teams to solve practical challenges, from cool idea to insanely great product, from strategy to identity to people, we transform brands.

Brand strategy

Logo & identity

Messaging & positioning

Brand architecture

Brand style guide

Voice & tone

Naming & taglines

Launch strategy

Unlock Your Brand's Value With
Top Branding Agency In India

We do that, day in and out. Kinda bread, butter and pudding for us! There are a lot of agencies willing to put a coat of
paint and call it branding. We aren’t in that business. As one of the best branding agencies based out of India,
we go deep with in-depth research and collaborative sessions to unearth your brand’s true purpose, position, and personality.

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CMO/Brand Manager


C-Suite Leaders


Innovation Teams


Senior Managers


Brand Teams


Marketing Teams

According to a Gartner survey in June 2020, 33% of CMOs rank branding and marketing strategy as one of their top three priorities amidst the Covid-19 pandemic

Our Logo Design Process

The logo is a representation, of your thinking, vision and brand. And therefore, while designing your logo, we balance rationality with emotion to find that sweet spot the a business demands and a brand commands. As a logo design company born in India and made for the world, we prioritise the emotional needs of people to drive insatiable growth. Then we plug it across your business, brand, and culture.

While creating a logo, we slow down to move quickly. Embrace the unconventional. Bring the bigger picture into focus by connecting the head with the heart, allowing brands to evolve efficiently and organically.

Because logo starts with brand identity. But is that a chicken and egg question? What came first? When do we press the play button?

We don’t until we feel it. We use a set of intersectional insights to build brands that can thrive and have a lasting impact as they scale globally while preserving the essence of what makes them special.

Invite new perspectives. Then, play.

We think big, define opportunities, connect the unexpected, design identities and create experiences that inspire.

So why are you here? There must be a reason.

Culture thinking to custom love – YOU create what your customers love, WE help you capture more customers who will love it too. We just don’t deliver innovative solutions but bring highly thoughtful experiences on the table.

How we work?

We do start to finish, give you an amazing full-service branding agency experience, whether your start is a blank canvas or a heritage in need of modernization.

Logos, fonts, elements, colours, voice - of course, they are very important components of a brand, but what creates an impactful brand experience? We don’t just put a coat of paint and call ourselves a branding agency. We are not just another logo design company in India. We craft thoughtful, cohesive identity systems that function collectively, that are authentic to your business, designed to speak to your customer, forming a strong bridge between your business and the target audience.

How it works for you?

Number 1: We are obsessed with hearing that one word from you and your customer: WOW! And we’re not the low cost solution, we’re a big value provider. We create identities. We balance timelessness. We help your business scale.

Number 2: From brand audit and research, to brand architecture, to brand strategy and positioning, to visual identity design, brandmarks and brand voice and messaging, we complete the circle for you as one of the top branding agencies in India.


What services do you offer in Branding?

We provide services such as Brand Strategy, Logo & Identity, Messaging & Positioning, Brand Architecture, Brand Style Guide, Voice & Tone, Naming & Taglines, and Launch Strategy.


A comprehensive set of services to give your brand the holistic attention it requires. Please don’t take our serious approach towards building your brand as a signal we don’t like what you’ve already done with it. As a brand agency in India, it’s in our DNA to ensure to get the most out of the granular details.

Why is branding important for businesses of all scales?

The answer is simple yet effective - to stand out from the crowd. Are you looking to be just another brick in the wall? Either way, a brick would look authentic if covered with ubiquitous creativity and a beautiful story to tie it all around. 


Whether you’re a brick in a small wall, a tightly contested wall, or a wall where there are multiple bricks like you. (We are NOT this obsessed with bricks, we promise), branding is what sets the tone of your brand in the hearts of the consumers.

How does Branding affect consumer behavior?

Consumers get invested in knowing why your brand exists and why should they choose you over your competitors. We can help you with that. Our logo design service is just a starting point - we help you change your brand’s tonality and reach with effective ease.

What is your mantra for a successful brand-building process?

Buffalo Soldiers is a branding and marketing agency. Our entire ethos revolves around helping our clients get what they want. There are a lot of branding companies in India willing to put a coat of paint and call it “branding”. We aren’t in that business. As a branding agency, we go deep with in-depth research and collaborative sessions to unearth your brand’s true purpose, position, and personality.

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