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“I wish I had focused more on Search Engine Optimization & marketing and lesser on building the product” — Every founder across the globe


Google. If you are on the second page of that beast, you are as good as buried. You know that. We kill that, everyday, as a top SEO company in India. The SEO work we do has one ultimate goal: drive new customers to your company through organic search.

Technical SEO Audit Services

On-Page SEO

Off-Page SEO

Keyword Research Services

SEO Content Writing

Link Building Services

A Full-Service SEO Agency in India

We are based out of India but we just don't provide SEO services in India!
We hire some of the best SEO experts in India, providing Search Engine Optimization services across the world.


Optimization of Title, Description, Keyword and Image Alt Meta Tags


Implementation of H1/H2 and Bold tags to Content/ Header Tags Optimization


XML Sitemap Creation, Submission and Authentication on Google, Yahoo and Bing


Robots.txt Creation/Analysis


Image Alt Tag and Hyperlink Optimization


Canonicalization Check


Technical Improvements - Page Speed, Load time, Mobile View etc


HTML Code Cleanup and Optimization


Internal Link structuring and optimization


Google Webmaster tools Set Up


Google Analytics Set Up


Mobile Site Optimization


Geo Targeting – TLDs, subdomains or subfolders/Geo Tag Optimization


Microdata/Rich Snippets/Schema Tagging


Schema.org Implementation for Mobile Site


Article Submissions


Press Release Distribution


PDF/Doc Sharing


Web 2.0 Blog Postings


Image Sharing


Top Social bookmarking


Top Video Sharing


Social Media Postings


Directory Submissions


Local Listing


PPT Submissions


Links Building

That one thing that propels you to the top of search if you are using white-hat techniques suggested by our top SEO experts in India.

Link building is one of the one of the most challenging to pull off. But it’s also fundamental to a good SEO campaign. So the best SEO companies in India are focused on the quality of links versus the quantity of links.


Industry citations from various authoritative resources


Content marketing helps build your domain authority


Earned links through outreach via our research tools and experienced team


Broken link fixing


Creating linkable assets

Is your website even being crawled by Google or Bing regularly? That’s where it all begins.
Then we move on to Advanced keyword research, Keyword mapping & focus strategy along with On-site content & SEO optimization tailored to your brand and your industry.

So why are you here? There must be a reason.

Not being able to attract new organic users or generate more leads? We constantly monitor the impact of our SEO process on your website traffic and its conversion, and we bring you clear reports of that, via proven analytical tools.
How we work?

We curate the SEO strategy keeping in mind your domain, your business. Let’s say Link Building. Over the years, people have built worthless links on websites that do not matter to you. One Google update killed all that effort. We link domains that correspond with your website profile.

How it works for you?

Because we begin with an extensive SEO Audit – it helps you realise upfront what is lacking. Then we create an Action Plan addressing problems detected in the audit. And that’s where our SEO team starts solving each of those problems which is affecting your website’s search engine optimisation.

Why Choose Buffalo Soldiers for SEO Services in India


A Professional SEO Company
No “Umms” and “Huh” will be heard from our side. We are a fully-fledged SEO company in India and unlike others - we don’t work for you, we work WITH you.


Up-to-date Strategies
Google’s algorithm is moodier than a teenager's. That’s why you have to keep your website updated at all times or a business could fall by the wayside.


Transparency is a pertinent effort of ours and it matters to us that you get positive ROI on the money that you will be investing to better your business.


Measurable Results
Buffalo Soldiers are fiercely results-driven. Over the years, we have perfected the art of deciphering information and making sure that our work seamlessly drives traffic.


Flexibility and Adaptability
We are always available to help you with anything that can come up. Our team of experts is more than happy to address any apprehension a client could have and make sure that everybody is on the same page.


Any strategy that we make, any decision that we take - the clients are kept at the forethought - to deliver the best results.


Experience And Knowledge
We have the best SEO experts in India, and their collective comprehensive experience provides an unparalleled approach to getting things done.


Satisfied Client Base
From one of India’s premier creative arts institutes to an upcoming football website to revolutionary academic projects - our list of happy clients is endless.


Flexible Working Models
As an SEO Agency in India, we prepare customized plans as per every client’s requirements based on business objectives, industries, and targeted locations.


We love to take on challenges
We like pushing the envelope for ourselves, and setting targets that could seem unrealistic - yet we still meet them. This is not limited to SEO services, but as an agency in general.

Our SEO Services

E-commerce SEO

Local SEO

International SEO

Enterprise SEO

Analytics & Reporting

SEO-oriented Content


Is it worth investing in SEO?

Yes! SEO forms the backbone of your online business and without its help, chances are.. you will crumble - undoubtedly it is the most reliable and consistent marketing channel. But, which SEO Company in India will help you attain the ambitious goals you have? A lot of people make lofty claims but, here are Buffalo Soldiers, we believe in delivering results. We have a team of the best SEO experts in India who are adept at implementing SEO techniques that help you rank as high as possible. 


There is an old saying that if you are on the second page of Google, you’re as good as DEAD. Investing in SEO would help you have the presence you need and the visibility that comes with it. The higher the visibility attained in your particular field, the higher the chance you have to generate more business. 


If you’re in a fiercely competitive space, it’s always an advantage to have an edge over the rest. That is what SEO does for you and your business, and we, as an SEO agency in India, are here for all your SEO-related queries.

What is SEO and why it is important?

“Google it” - that is synonymous to what you do if you don’t know something. But did you know that 3.5 billion is the number of searches on Google. Not every month, but every day. 


SEO is an acronym for Search Engine Optimization. Google is the biggest Search Engine with a market share of 85.55 percent. Online search engine Bing accounts for over 7 percent of the global search market. 


So what’s the fuss all about SEO? Search Engines like Google possesses sophisticated algorithms that crawl all the data you put on the internet. The technique of optimizing your website in such a way that you get more organic traffic on it is called Search Engine Optimization. Your chances to have your site appear on top of search results are directly proportional to how good the SEO is!


Any search engine relies on an algorithm to fetch the result their users are seeking. There are more than 200 ranking factors for SEO functions, and an SEO Company in India works to improve your website’s rank by working on such factors.

So, how do you appear in Google's results with SEO?
  1. Find out keywords that your customer or competitor is likely to search
  2. Write an article, talk about it in blogs & infuse those keywords into it
  3. Make it loaded with authentic information and share it as much as possible so that websites link back to it
  4. If the websites which give you link-back are good ones, ask them for a do-follow backlink
How can SEO benefit your business?

There are only two ways of making a presence for yourself on Google. Either you go down the route of:

  • Paid ads - where you pay Google on a per-click basis. 
  • Search Engine Optimization - an organic way to garner more views.

A healthy SEO for your website only up-scales your visibility on Google. Having the best SEO Services in India (Us!) will set you apart from the crowd of millions. At Buffalo Soldiers, our team has a proven track record that enhances a website’s SEO and effectively delivers results.

How long will it take to get rankings through SEO?

Honestly, it all depends on the particular industry that you are in. How well established your competitors are in your field, and what is the SERP (Search Engine Ranking Page) of your website. 

An SEO Agency in India that works across the world practices the following:

  • Conducting website audit to analyze existing site structure
  • Competitor Analysis to identify strengths and weaknesses
  • Creating SEO Strategies around these gaps
  • Keyword Research
  • Build Backup links

And much, much, much, much more! SEO is a comprehensive process where many factors take accountability for the results to appear.

Why should I continue SEO once I’ve gotten good rankings?

Search Engine Optimization is a continuous process - it never ends. There are always ways to attain better results and make the changes according to Google’s ever-changing algorithm. The positioning that you’ve created with the help of an SEO company in India would all go to waste if you abruptly stop this ongoing process. You’d be giving your competitors the chance to catch up to you or even surpass you. It’s a risk, in our professional opinion, not worth taking.

What makes Buffalo Soldiers a leading SEO Agency?

The hallmarks of a great SEO Agency in India are:


  • Professionals who have qualitative experience in the field of SEO
  • Top-notch SEO services to comprehensively befriend the algorithm
  • Purely results-oriented


Buffalo Soldiers tick marks all these points and then some. Our track record proves that, as our clients are the big shots of their industry - and they are thriving!


Do you want to do the same? Contact us - we are happy to help.

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