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User-Generated Content: The tool to convert your Customers into Advocates

‘93% of marketers agree that consumers trust content created by customers more than content created by brands. People trust people.’- Tint

Did you know the myriad of photos and videos that are posted on social media, 60% of them are from the happy customers of the brand they purchase from expressing their satisfaction among peers? This behavior is assessed by marketers as an inexpensive and lucrative strategy to reach potential consumers and drive sales. That’s true, right? It is a common human behavior to look up reviews and ratings on the internet before the actual purchase of the product. 

Well, your target audience includes the Idealist millennials and the globalist Genz who have refused to believe in actors faking their experiences and shifted to hearing from actual customers and their real-time evaluation. So, using old customers to gain new customers is not a bad idea right?

The tool that was once used to aggregate information (the Oxford English Dictionary as a result of public contributions) has now secured an obvious seat in the annual planning calendars. In a survey conducted by Tint, the State of UGC 2021 Report showed that more than 90% of marketers believe that the content created by their customers is more persuasive than the content created by them. 

 But, what exactly is User-Generated content? 

Any type of content, pictures, videos, testimonials, blog posts, or anything that is created by users displaying the use and worth of your products is treated as user-generated content. So, it’s basically your customers promoting and vouching for your products and not your marketing team. The buzzword has immense potential to guide brands towards impeccable success.

Do you know why?

Because your audience trust real users

It is an undeniable fact that consumers look upon online reviews and ratings before the actual purchase of the product. An honest opinion from your customers is more likely to make an impact on the purchase decision than a piece of content made by your marketing team.

Source: Photoslurp


Because your customers love being appreciated

When you feature your customers’ content on your social media pages, they feel appreciated and want to increase engagement with your brand. This stimulates their loyalty and confidence towards you.

Source: CMX Hub

Because UGC reaches a wide range of audience

Your customers share their experience with your products to their audience and when you re-share their content on your page, it reaches your audience. So, in a way your products are broadcasted to the maximum number of users. Maximum audience engagement is what you thirst for right?

Source: Flocker

Because UGC drives sales

Tuning with the rising digital marketing trends everyone wants to secure new success factors like engagement, collaboration, etc. But, can you call off the need for sales? No right? Because at the end of the day SALES is your primary goal as it has always been for decades. USG helps you promote sales for your business as it is authentic and real and that’s what your audience is craving for. 

Because UGC is cost-effective

The content is generated by your customers thereby saving you the time and resources to innovate and create engaging content for your audience. 

You can already imagine the impact of UGC on your business. To dive further, here are some of the best examples that will demonstrate the power of UGC and inspire you to set your own campaign. 

Coca Cola’s “Share a Coke” and “Share a Coke and a song” Campaign

Source: B&T

Source: Brand Channel

The marketing team at Coca-Cola is always applauded for their out-of-the-box campaigns that not only involve the consumers but create a feeling of belongingness. The “Share a Coke” campaign resulted in the sale of more than 150 million bottles, more than 18 lakh media impressions, traffic on the Facebook website increased by 870%, and the Facebook page earned 39% increased followers. This massive success encouraged the team to launch the innovative “Share a Coke and a Song” campaign. 

Starbuck’s “White Cup contest”

Source: Success Agency

Doodle your imagination on a white paper cup and share it on social media platforms, and upon winning you can lay your hands on the limited edition reusable plastic cup from your favorite beverage brand. The 2014 contest not only earned the brand loyal followers but also sparked the popularity of the winning prize (so much that it was put up for sale the next year)


Source: Customer Think

What can stop Netflix from creating a buzz within their community by promoting fan-made pictures on their social media channels? 


Source: Veeqo

Next on our list is GoPro’s Instagram page filled with stunning UGC collected across the globe. What’s more- they add the best posts to their own feed! 

Online media has made UGC a lucrative tool for marketers, and many brands are correctly leveraging its power. If you are passionate about making valuable connections with your audience and expanding your business, it is the right time to employ UGC in your content calendar.