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Voice Search SEO: A Must-Have for 2021 and Beyond

In the past few years, voice search has gained a lot of popularity. Is your website optimized for Voice Search SEO?

In this fast-moving world, everyone wants to get things done faster. Nothing is more convenient than Voice Search today, as you just have to say what you want and get the results at your palmtops. It’s as simple as that. While we all implement various SEO strategies, optimizing our websites for Voice Search will enable our websites to be visible to a larger audience on the Search Results Page.

What is Voice Search SEO?

Image Source: Search Engine Journal

What do you expect when you ask a question using Voice Search? Direct Answers, right? This is what Voice SEO is all about. 

Voice SEO is optimizing your content, metadata, descriptions, etc in such a way that it is easier for the Search Engine to get direct answers to whatever a person asks relevant to your website.

 As soon as Search Engines can find direct answers to people’s queries from your website, it automatically improves your ranking in the Voice Search Results Page. 

Voice Search SEO is one of the fastest-growing SEO strategies that more and more people are using for their websites, and you should too, to stay in the competition.

How Voice Search Affects SEO?

  • Voice Search is based more on local, conversational language. 
  • The queries are basically questions rather than direct keywords.
  • People want to see quick and to-the-point answers through featured snippets.
  • People want more precise answers to their questions.

Here are some quick stats regarding Voice search:

Image Source: Blue Corona

How to Optimize Voice Search?

Image Source: Search Engine Land

Now that you know what Voice Search is all about and how it affects page ranking, let’s move towards what you can do to optimize your website according to Voice Search. 

Step 1. Know what people are asking about your topic

Image Source: ZAG Interactive

The first step is to know what people are exactly saying to ask their queries in various search engines. You’ll need to do a lot of research for this. While you’re researching, try to find those specific words or phrases that people are searching for. As all these searches are in conversational language, it will be quite difficult to find one specific word or phrase. You’ll have quite a long list at the end of the day.

Step 2. Optimize your Content

Image Source: Entrepreneur 

The next part is your content. Now that you know which words or phrases people are using to land your competitor’s page, try to use some of these words in your content. Rather than a very technical and formal language, try to use conversational language in your blog content. Also, never forget that content is everything. Give relevant and accurate information. Try to include the answers people might ask related to your topic in points. Make sure every sentence has a meaning of its own and adds new information. 

Step 3. Improving The SEO of your page

Image Source: Host Papa

With the use of new words in your content, your SEO and metadata should also be changed to make sure search engines can find you quickly. Modify everything that the search engines use to reach your website. Your focus keyword, image metadata, metadata of your website, everything. 

You’re all set to Go after you complete all these three steps! Let’s look at some useful tips: 


  • Never compromise on content quality for the sake of using conversational language. 
  • Pay attention to page load speed. To rank higher in voice search results, your site must have a faster loading speed.
  • Include points in your content when you’re answering something.
  • Use as much natural and conversational language as you can while delivering the best possible content.
  • Don’t just revolve around topics. Include only what you exactly want to say.


Voice Search is one of the fastest-growing technologies this year. So, it is very crucial to optimize your site for voice search to enhance your visibility and to match current trends. With this blog, we tried to help you out in understanding what voice search optimization is and how you can improve your website to rank higher in voice search results. Hope you find these tips useful. All the best!

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Arundhati Sensharma