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Making A Tutorial Video From Scratch

Making a tutorial video

Are you the curious kinds who go to youtube and see every new thing you come across before using it?

Yes, most of us look for unboxing and a step by step guide to use any product that we buy to understand its functionality. 

And these form a very important type of video that everyone looks for, no matter what age group or interests. These so-called all-time popular and evergreen videos are known as tutorials.

A tutorial video is a are step by step guide that helps every user understand a product or service before they go-ahead to buy/use them. They are a great source of information and, help the user to make a reasonable decision. 

Being in the video format, it helps people understand the product/service at hand in a better light. These videos are important for all industry types irrespective of the product or service you deal with. So try to incorporate this evergreen style of videos which never goes out of fashion but is gaining popularity with every passing second. 

Video Tutorial Infographic - Buffalo Soldiers Digital

Source: Become Blogger

Tips to make a tutorial video from scratch are as follows:

Prepare your script

Once your objective is finalized, prepare your script for the tutorial video. It can be a formal, written script or in the form of storyboards or anything which clarifies the sequences of the tutorial that needs to be shot.

It is an important step from every point of view, so make sure you keep these objectives clear in mind while finalizing your script.

  • Keep your video short and crisp.
  • Do not distract from the objective while recording.
  • The timeline for the tutorial should not be more than 5-10 minutes. 
  • If the concept is very complex and requires too much time to be explained, break it into a series of videos rather than one big size video.

Follow these tips to ensure that your script becomes perfect to be executed.

Pre-Record your audio

Pre-recorded audio is the best practice for all types of videos where only screen recording is displayed.

It enhances sound quality and makes it a more satisfying and happier user experience. To ensure that your audio has that edge, follow these tips while recording. 

  • Use a separate microphone to record your audio.
  • Ensure that there is no background noise while you are recording the audio.
  • Maintain a slow and consistent pace while recording.
  • Do not restart when you make mistakes while recording, in fact, record it in short clippings from the point where you stumble.
  • Try to narrate relevant information other than what is displayed on the screen to add more value to the viewer.
  • Do not be nervous and sound confident while recording. 
  • Lastly practice, practice, and practice until you get the best results.

Use screen recording or plan a shoot

If you deal with an internet service, that can be explained easily through screen recording, then it is the best option possible. 

Enable screen recording, and follow all the steps at a consistent pace that matches with your pre-recorded audio. It will help to ensure that everyone who watches your tutorial can understand what you are trying to convey.

If screen recording is not possible, and you need to explain a physical product, then follow the ultimate guide to record your video, and ensure that you follow these tips for quality video production.

  • Select a light colored background while recording that enhances the look of your product.
  • Make the best use of natural lighting to get the right exposure for your video.
  • Ensure there is no background noise and try to keep the video simple and natural.
  • Dress well and keep your tone confident while explaining. 
  • Make sure your video is not too long otherwise the audience tends to lose interest.

Chop and edit the recording

Once you have recorded all the aspects of your video, it’s time to chop and edit them. Use premium and quality software to edit as they simplify your work and provides extra features to smartly add that extra touch to your video.

To get a better understanding of top tools that will make your video editing experience a happier one,

Publish it and you are good to go!

Preview your video and make the finishing touches until you are satisfied. And once it is ready to meet your expectations, ensure that you take feedback from your prospective audience.

Incorporate what they say, and then you are all set to publish it across the internet.

These are some quick tips that will help you create a perfect video tutorial. To know more about video marketing, check out amazing video content by Buffalo Soldiers digital, your one-stop destination for all video-related services.

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