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25 Ideas For Video Marketing Content

Videos have become a new hero these days with ever-increasing popularity for YouTube, Netflix, and Amazon Prime. Brands and businesses have started realizing the potential of video as a marketing tool which was underutilized till the last decade. But now video marketing has become the new trendsetter and the reason behind increasing dollars for every brand you can think of.

With so much information over the internet, it has become all the more easy and convenient to ideate, shoot, and publish a video with available resources in no time. But don’t worry,  if you are still looking for help to master video marketing for your brand than we at Buffalo Soldiers are here at your rescue! We create stories that your customers would love to watch by capturing your thought into a never seen before animation to rule the internet. 

So here we present to you 25 tips to make your video content become blockbuster, so let’s get started. 

If we talk in marketing terms, content is the king for this generation. It can either make or break your identity over the internet and across all social media channels. So take out some time and ponder upon every social media channel that you use to promote your brand because every channel has a different audience who understands a different language and tone.

So let’s look at some video marketing tips for the 5 most popular social media channels used by almost every brand for promotion.


” World’s Largest Video Search Engine”

Youtube is the largest video search engine in the world with more than 3 million searches per month. This response by youtube needs no more introduction about its popularity and craze people, possess for videos across genres. So to make the best use of this platform, check out these tips and tricks that will help you improve the engagements by viewers with your brand.

  • Add captions to your videos as it helps to increase the target audience by 40%.
  • Create short videos with eye-catchy and attractive content for the first 10 seconds as 20-25% viewers only watch videos for the initial 10 seconds.
  • To enhance SEO ranking, use video description and tags.
  • Use high-resolution while shooting video and avoid unnecessary background noise.
  • Use the right keywords to expand views on your videos.


People watch more than 100 million hours of video on Facebook.”

Have you ever used Facebook to share video content? If not, then start engaging with your audience with videos to highlight your brands, its relevance to the customers and the value you can provide to your target audience.  To achieve these goals Facebook has enabled this feature to highlight more video content through organic searches to enhance promotion and marketing for brands and businesses. 

Here are some quick tips that you must follow to make the best types of videos for Facebook which has the potential to get maximum shares, likes, and comments and becomes the limelight of the platform:

  • Use 1:1 or square format for Facebook videos as they perform better than landscape videos by 30-35%.
  • Add captions in your video as the majority watch videos without audio on Facebook. 
  • Make your video short and crisp by highlighting the first 3 seconds of your video which is auto-played by Facebook on the home page.
  • Shoot your video in 720p or 1080p HD to enhance the viewer experience and export it in the format and resolution it was filmed in.
  • Use an eye catchy headline for Facebook live sessions to attract a larger audience. 


Instagram has become the all-new trend these days with the maximum time spent by an average user on the internet. And to pull this to your advantage, millions of brands are using Instagram for their businesses and making huge money in very little time. So to have a similar experience and to unwrap the unused potential of Instagram for your business, check out the following tips:

Along with this text,” Time spent watching video on Instagram is up more than 80% year over year”

  • Use the 1:1 format for creating Instagram videos as it reduces the cost of engagement with the target audience.
  • Make sure your videos can convey the message even without sound.
  • Maintain the quality and ensure your videos are on par with your images.
  • Use hashtags and captions to enhance the rate of engagement with the users.
  • Make sure your video is short and crisp to convey the message strongly which satisfies your viewers.


 “ 82% of Twitter users watch social video content on Twitter”

Twitter is one of the most formal social media platforms to interact with people and majorly deals with informational and educational videos and content. To ensure maximum reach and interactions on twitter, the following tips can be very useful.

  • Use MP4 format for uploading videos on twitter which can be accessible even through mobile.
  • Create a storyline and portray it simply and efficiently.
  • Humanize your video as it doubles the number of views. 
  • Make your videos entertaining which helps to increase its reach.
  • Make sure that your video is not more than 140 seconds to prevent interruptions while watching the video.


“Snapchat users are currently watching an incredible 10 billion videos per day”

Snapchat is also one of the most popular social media channels which have reinvented the craze for snaps and stories that we now see as an essential feature of almost every platform we use for social interaction. Along with this, it is a popular destination to watch videos among the Millenials.

So these are a few tips which can help your brand and business to excel tremendously on this platform.

  • Add a lot of text and images in your video as 33% of the viewers watch videos without sound.
  • Use a limited number of snaps at a time because 22% of the viewers drop after viewing the first snap.
  • Record in a vertical format with high definition to enhance the viewer experience.
  • Showcase latest and new content which is relatable to your target audience.
  • Ensure variety in your content which is either entertaining or informative to engage the viewers.

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Pragati Soni