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Top 6 Video Marketing Blogs To Follow Today

Ever wondered what is the secret sauce behind the top market players in your industry?

Is it because of marketing? To be more specific, are they using videos to influence the target audience?

Well yes, video is the new king in the market which is ruling the hearts of customers no matter what the product is.

So, if you are the one in a foreign land of video marketing, relax! We at Buffalo Soldiers are here at your rescue. 

We will guide you through the baby steps to help you master the art of video marketing and help you become the next king in your industry.

Video Maker - Buffalo Soldiers Digital

Source: Thebest4you

To begin with, spend some time to enhance your knowledge about video marketing by reading the best blogs in this domain. This exercise will help you understand the concept of video marketing better and will help you get the much-needed inspiration to relate with and execute them in the best way possible. So put on your helmets and let’s get started on an amazing ride to experience the concept of video marketing like never before!

Following is a list of the top 6 video marketing blogs that you must read to understand the diverse aspects of video marketing.


Video Training, Video Marketing - Buffalo Soldiers Digital

Source: HubSpot

Hubspot is a digital platform that caters to marketing, sales and service that satisfies all types of business requirements in these domains.

Specifically, in marketing, they have published good quality content for beginner, intermediate and advanced level learners. So grab a cup of coffee and start exploring the world of marketing through these blogs.

For video marketing, you will find a lot of blogs that emphasize the basics and significance of video in the marketing industry to make your vision clear about videos and marketing and help you develop a strong foundation towards creating the best video marketing strategies for your business.


Video Marketing - Buffalo Soldiers Digital

Source: Wistia

Wistia is a perfect destination for all the beginners with no knowledge about video marketing. As Wistia is all about videos!

They believe that anyone can use video to grow their business and their brand. Their passion for video helps them cater to marketing software, video series, and educational content through videos.

And hence, this is the right platform for everyone new to the world of videos and marketing. Through their videos, they emphasize the fact that it takes a lot of effort and contribution of multiple factors to create an amazing video. 

This emphasis on background basis can be very well understood by the reader through their blogs which talks about choosing the background, SEO tips for videos and best ways to shoot videos, to name a few.

Think with Google

Think with Google - Buffalo Soldiers Digital

Source: Wondershare Filmora

Think with Google is the best platform to get insights about video marketing and every ongoing trend in the online world.

It will help you get the most reliable data that can be used in writing your blog post and helps every reader understand, the impact easily. 

Through the analytical assessment of online activity by users, it helps to predict future results and provides the latest news that helps the reader develop a stronger understanding to interpret the impact better.

Business 2 Community

Video Ideas - Buffalo Soldiers Digital

Source: Business 2 Community

Business 2 Community is a platform both for business experts to share their expertise and user community who is looking for relevant information to enhance their knowledge and use it to improve their business performance. 

With over 30,000+ blog articles on video marketing, Business 2 Community has touched upon every aspect from business to customers’ point of view and is a one-stop destination for all types of users who are looking forward to learning video marketing from multiple points of view.


Story Me - Buffalo Soldiers Digital

Source: Story Me

StoryMe is yet another video production based agency which serves its clients, with all types of video marketing content. 

Unlike other video production agencies, StoryMe specializes in video strategy as well. They ensure that every video that they create for their clients is available to the right audience at the right time and on the right channels to ensure maximum positive conversions to take place.

Video Brewery

Video Brewery - Buffalo Soldiers Digital

Source: Video Brewery

Video Brewery as the name suggests, is a company involved in video production. As per their mission,  they help companies take their first step in the video.

They are known for their expertise in creating videos for all types of businesses no matter what their budgets are.

So, this is a go-to platform for all video enthusiasts who are looking forward to exploring the field of video marketing in diverse ways.

These are the top 6 sources for video marketing which will help you master the art of making videos like no other. So start reading and start exploring the world of video marketing, and don’t worry, for any help reach out to Buffalo Soldiers, as we here to help you become the video marketing star you always aspired to be!

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