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5 Video Marketing Trends To Watch In 2021

Videos have a bright future!

This very saying has become so true that almost all of us have witnessed the growing need and craze for videos during the pandemic. 

As per a study, consumption of videos has grown more than three times from pre-pandemic situation to post-pandemic situation. 

And the same number is predicted to reach more than 76% of total internet consumption by an average individual. 

With this crazy boom in positive numbers, it is essential that every marketer pays attention to the 2021 video marketing trends and implement them in their very own business to enjoy the boom.

So, let us glance through these 5 video trends below:

5 Video Marketing Trends

Live videos

With the adoption of the work from home style of operating, live meetings have become a necessity. 

This technological feature has not just helped in the smooth operation of businesses but has acted as a great platform to interact and implement marketing strategies at a much lower cost than offline events.

Be it the launching of a new university, film trailer, news update, or any other campaign. People throughout the world can experience the same at the comfort of their homes through live videos.

Hence, make the most out of the video feature to launch your marketing campaigns, as it is a great source of audience attraction and engagement.

Get social with videos

Reels and IGTV are the most used features over Instagram. 

The video content released on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram get the highest viewership and organic impressions than static posts.

This highlights the fact that the audience prefers videos as the most preferable form of content over social media.

So, portray your message with emotions and capture it in a video to interact with your audience over social media.

Webinar Marketing

Online training and teaching modules have become the new normal which helps to upskill the viewers and help them earn the certification.

With the increasing trend of participating in webinars, a new space for marketers and businesses to interact and exchange information with each other has offered itself. 

It has helped many organizations to offer training sessions to their employees, pitch vendors for business collaboration and sell their products to potential customers online.

The new and upcoming features on zoom, google meet, Microsoft teams, and other platforms are offering recording options, screen share, QnA features, polls, and other interactive features to engage the audience while they use the platform.

Shopping videos

Shopping as an activity has turned tables very frequently in the last decade, from the offline shopping experience to switching to the online e-commerce website and now to social media platforms to shop.

Instagram, 5 Video Marketing Trends - Buffalo Soldiers Digital

Source: TechCrunch

This drastic change in the customer journey has now opened the door for video content. Social media platforms have come up with a new feature where people can upload product videos and, interested buyers can make a purchase by just clicking on the same.

This new social media as a sales platform has challenged marketers to create the most eye-catchy videos that get the maximum conversions.

360-degree videos

Augmented reality videos have become a need of the hour when people have to invest their money from homes. 

It means that videos need to satisfy all the requirements and make it a similar experience for the customer as if they have personally visited the site.

These types of video formats become all the more essential in real estate and property-related businesses where a huge amount of money and capital is invested and the risk factor is too high.

However, marketers have also started using 360-degree videos, while recording travel vlogs to give real experience to their target audiences.

These are some of the most trendy video types that will rule the digital world. So switch on your creativity mode and bring your imagination to the table through videos.

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