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Top Tools For Editing Videos- Phone and desktop

Top tools for editing Videos

Video editing is relevant!

Well, if you are searching for content around video editing, then you understand the power of videos. The biggest trend of 2020, videos are the ruling marketing strategies across industries. 

So, before we explore the world of editing that makes video content so impactful, let’s brush up your basics with an ultimate video guide and types of videos trending in 2020 to help you utilize the editing tools even better.

Gone are the days when quality videos could be recorded only through professional cameras and bulky – expensive editing software, and computers were essential to edit a video.

With so much exposure to the internet, free applications, and easy accessibility of mobile phones with ultra HD camera quality, videos can now be easily shot through mobile phones and edited through android or IOS mobile applications. 

So, if you are a busy marketer, multitasking a lot of things together, then these top 10 video editing software will enable you to edit videos over your phone as well as your desktop.

Let’s get started, and first check out the top free editing tools that help you edit complex videos easily through your desktops and laptops.


Video Editing Tools - Buffalo Soldiers Digital

Source: Wondershare

Blender is a highly professional video editing tool with advanced features for an experienced and professional video editor.

Blender is compatible with Windows, Mac, and Linux with features like live preview, sound mixing, syncing, and histogram display. It is an open-source tool, available on every platform for everybody to use.

Adobe Spark Video

Adobe Spark Video provides a range of storyboards, layouts, and themes to create a variety of videos. It is available free and offers a lot of premium options as well for subscribers of the Adobe Creative Cloud.


Inshot - Buffalo Soldiers Digital

Source: Inshot

If you are a beginner to video editing and trying to learn it from basics, then InShot is the right software for you. Available for Windows and IOS users, InShot offers easy video trimming, adding music, overlapping background, and some basic filters.

These features make it handy and easy for any newcomer or anyone looking for basic editing in their videos.


Initially created for Linux users, Shotcut is available on Windows, Mac, and Linux for use. It is an open-source software, known for its 4K resolution. Unlike other video editing software, you do not need to import videos on Shotcut before editing, and this saves all your time before editing.

Along with these features, it has all the primary features and supports all types of video formats for editing.


WeVideo - Buffalo Soldiers Digital

Source: Videomaker

WeVideo is a cloud-based editing software available in mobile and desktop versions. Compatible with android and IOS softwares, it can be easily used through a browser, making it a more likely tool for the users.

It also offers amazing advanced features like audio editing, commercially licensed music, and 4K video quality to enhance the user experience. 

With so many benefits, WeVideo offers only 10GB storage space on the free version, which reduces its capacity for users not willing to buy the paid versions of the software. 

So download these apps now and put them into action to change your video drafts into blockbuster hits.

These are the top 5 video editing software which work best on desktops. If you are looking for apps to be creative on phones, then hang on, some exciting content is waiting for you!

These applications are exclusive for editing videos over phones and help you become a pro at editing videos anytime, anywhere. 

Quik by GoPro

Quik is one of the two free video editing tools offered by GoPro. It works both on phones and GoPro devices and offers smart inbuilt features that detect the edits required from video footage and make necessary changes on its own to make your video shine just like you desire.

Quik edits all types of videos and not restricted to GoPro footages only. It makes your video stand out with minimalist efforts and sync it with the right music to rock and roll.

Splice by GoPro

Splice Video Editor - Buffalo Soldiers Digital

Source: Splice

Splice is yet another video editing software by GoPro which brings the professionalism of desktop editors to the comfort of your fingertips. 

It allows you to trim your videos, add text, multiple effects, and a gallery of amazing soundtracks to make your video talk loud over the internet.

Adobe Premiere Clip

Adobe Premiere Clip is a mobile-friendly video editing software that works well on both android and IOS devices. 

It helps you select the best of photos, and videos by converting them into a full-fledged entertainment video. It edits photos, trims video, adds titles and music to make it lively.


Filmora Go - Buffalo Soldiers Digital

Source: FilmoraGo

Filmmaker Pro

Filmmaker Pro comes with a lot of in-app purchases for additional features like font, music, and animation. Since it is a free version, a watermark is attached to the final video which you export. It can be removed with a one-time fee of $21.99 or by purchasing all application subscription.

These are the top 10 editing software, both for mobile and laptop users that can help you execute your video marketing ideas way better than anyone else. Or connect with us for a cup of coffee at Buffalo Soldiers Digital and check out our newly launched YouTube channel for amazing videos curated all by our in-house video mavericks!

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