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The Ultimate Guide To Video Marketing

A picture speaks a thousand words, a video speaks about 10x that. Well, at least the good ones do. The Internet has changed the way people consumed content. With funny animals to how to use Maggi to fix furniture- videos have stormed the internet and the way people think. People even buy through videos now. Be it IGTV for business or influencers on TikTok and YouTube- You need to understand the video game, so you can Bandersnatch your audience

Brands use videos as a popular content strategy for marketing. However, for the year 2020, the relevance of video as a medium to present content has gained a lot of momentum and video marketing has become one of the most popular marketing strategies which are used by almost all the top brands in every industry.

Buffalo Soldiers believe that the right video marketing strategy and a hero video can make or boost a brand. Look at the iconic Liril girl video or Marlboro man  – A good video tells you everything about your company.

While TV Commercials are not as popular as they used to be, videos are still one of the most popular formats to showcase your product or service.

Be it IGTV, YouTube, or TikTok, the consumer is now watching videos and loves it.

Before we discuss the marketing strategy for videos, let’s understand some key concepts related to it.

What is Video Marketing?

Video Marketing is a process of planning, creating, editing, publishing, and promoting a brand to connect with the audience and conveying them the essence of the brand through its products and storyline.

What is the significance of Video Marketing?

 2020 is the year of video marketing and it has been witnessed that videos are much more engaging, interactive, and drive traffic to one’s website than pictures and other social media post content.

It is the most valuable format of marketing content which has the following benefits:

  • Improves social media presence and increases visibility
  • Videos influence buyers and help them to take quick action
  • Drives higher traffic to your website
  • Improves rank in organic search
  • Videos help to get more backlinks to pages with embedded videos
  • Improves social media interaction
  • Increase conversion rates

How to create a Video Marketing Strategy?

Videos being very impactful and engaging, it is important that you follow the right strategy while using video marketing otherwise, it may lead to serious repercussions.

Step 1: Set up your goal for the video

 It is essential that you first understand your business or brand and the stage they are currently positioned. Depending upon the current stage, the goals for video marketing should be set up.

It helps to understand whether the goal of the video should be to spread awareness to attract new customers, to engage with the existing audience or to nurture customer satisfaction.

BS TIP! We recommend you take the WHAT WHY WERE test. You can also read more about positioning strategy.

  • Ask yourself What is that you want to portray- a social message/advertisement or a Product Feature.
  • Ask yourself WHY– To boost sales, to establish your positioning, to deliver a message
  • Ask yourself Where will your audience watch it? On Tv? On a website? On social media?

Step 2: Identify your Target Audience

After identifying the goal for video, it is very important that you step into the shoes of the buyers of your product and think from their perspective. It will help you to identify the right customers and target them through the right channels.

Your USP, your Product, your Service will determine the target audience.

If you are selling COVID-19 Designer masks, you will probably want to target millennials with disposable income. If you are selling COVID-19 PPE kits, you probably would target health professionals and an older audience.

BS TIP! To know more about identifying target audiences.

Step 3: Develop a Storyline

Yes! This is Buffalo Soldier’s favorite part about videos. The storytelling. We love storytelling and using visuals and frames to illustrate our words.

It is the most crucial step which makes your business a brand in the eyes of your target audience. So it is important to understand the emotion video will portray, whether it should make your target audience laugh, feel happy, or inspired.

All the elements of the story should take the viewers on a journey which should align with the mission of your brand and helps the viewers to feel connected with your brand and its products.

BS Tip- Spend a considerable time on your storyline, think of the characters, the theme and then break it down to frames, finally push in the dialogues.

Step 4: Use Creativity and Innovation

At Buffalo Soldiers, we believe INNOVATION Is the key. To be relevant in the digital marketing arena, you need to come up with good content that is audience specific and in tone with your brand

 Creativity and innovation is the key to success in video marketing. So it is important to give a new and personal touch to your video which differentiates it from other competitors.

The  TikTokers and YouTubers squabble over content illustrate just how important it is to have good and different content.

If your video is different and creates a unique impact on the viewers, it will become trendy. Therefore try to look for new ways of presenting content rather than using the common practice.

Step 5: Create a Timeline

Quick and timely responses make a difference in video marketing. If you have an idea and you take too much time to publish it, there is a high possibility that someone has already published similar content.

It is important to value time as every second in this digital era counts. So be aware and be active to sustain in this world of video marketing.

BS TIP- Buffalo Soldiers schedules posts on social media.

Best Storytelling practices from videos

While pictures pull the audience, stories make them stay until the screen fades. This is the magic of storytelling that every brand nowadays is adopting through their videos for brand marketing.

But it is important to understand that the essence of every powerful storytelling is the emotions that it depicts. It can be the emotion of happiness, sadness, fear, anger, or love which helps the viewers to engage their emotional self and ultimately leads to action.

So in order to drive emotions in your storytelling video, follow these best practices that can give you a head start in video marketing.

  • Keep your videos short and crisp. Don’t forget even you do not scroll down long videos.
  • Tell complete stories with a beginning, a middle, and an end.
  • Don’t just narrate your thought, Show them the real picture.
  • Take your time and come up with concepts that sing well with your brand.
  • Keep your story simple and easy to understand. Don’t try to showcase multiple stories in one video.
  • Be creative, try to delight the viewers which will improve their mood drive them to take action.
  • Create stories that are not entirely about you and your brand. Touch upon feelings and emotions of the viewers with which they can relate. And don’t forget, no one likes the person who only talks about themselves.

Phew! Now you can be the next YouTuber or create an ad that dazzles your audience. Talk to us about how our team of videographers can capture the next big moment for your brand. Let Buffalo Soldiers make your idea come alive.

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