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How to Choose An Ideal Video Production Company For Your Brand

Lights, Camera, ACT-


Nothing to see here, this is what comes to mind when people think about video production. An ensemble of artists trying to get the perfect shot. Video production does entail shooting, but a lot more goes into it. As a video production company, you should capture the essence of the brand, its values, and what they stand for – to showcase an authentic representation of the company.

Of course, you can take the burden of doing all of this by yourself, but let us warn you – it’s a time taking process. From ideating to creating to editing to finalizing would require you, the business owner, to spend your precious time on this, which could be spent elsewhere in a more productive space.

But now the question arises – “Fine, I will hire a video production company. How do I choose one?”

Fantastic question, and here’s giving you a list of pointers to keep in mind while making your decision.

7 Tips To Keep In Mind While Choosing A Video Production Company In India

A video production company specializes in curating videos for businesses and brands. The range for the said videos can be from commercials to social media content to product tutorials to a culture video. The list can go on and on.

Online videos make up more than 82% of consumer traffic on the internet. In a country such as India, how would you stand out from the crowd? The answer is simple – by hiring a video production company in India. 

Here are a few tips to keep in mind: 

#Develop content brief with clear pointers

Have a concise idea of what you want from your particular video. The better the brief you give to the company or agency you hire, the better the outcome will be. You have to understand that their idea of the brand stems thoroughly from what you will tell them.

The video and your idea of what it should only be consistent if the brief given matches the work. There should be no ambiguity, so don’t spare the details.

#View Their Portfolio

View Their Portfolio

What does their track record look like? Have they handled a client such as yourself before? If you’re a small business owner, will they be able to give you the attention that you need, or will you cast aside? What kind of work have they done? Have they done work similar to what you want? Do they have the capacity or capability to deliver the project that you are seeking?

All such questions can be answered, by glancing through their portfolio or showreel.

#Set a Budget

Money talks, and if you’re aspirations of what the video should be doesn’t match the budget set – then it’s time to come back to reality. Of course, we all want the best bang for our buck – but we also have to be sensible enough to understand the nuances behind video production. 

If an agency can do your project with the budgetary restraints put in, and provide the quality needed, consider yourself lucky as you’ve hit the sweet spot.

#Have a detailed discussion

Similar to the first point, having a detailed discussion entails understanding the company you would be hiring. You have to be comfortable with the agency working with you. You should feel that your input and idea of the project are getting incorporated into the final product – for that having a detailed discussion about the vision of the project is a must.

Learn More:

#Prepare Questions To Ask

You should be informed about the video production service industry before trying to find one. These are a few questions you can ask:

  • What services will they be doing in-house, and what will be done by outsourcing?
  • How many projects are you managing currently?
  • How involved will my team be in this project?
  • What suggestions do you have for my project?
  • How do you see this project in terms of marketing?

Ask, ask and ask. A video production agency in India wouldn’t shy away from answering any of these questions.

#Ask for timeline

Ask for Timeline

It’s all well and good if the company matches your vibe, your idea, and everything you want but can’t deliver the damn project on time. This particular issue is prevalent in such an industry, that’s why having a clear timeline of the entire process is vital before locking down on an agency.

#Compare all the options

As Shahrukh Khan used a chair as a reference for trying different things before finding the right one in Dear Zindagi, it’s important to compare options. Don’t fall in love with the first option and have the openness to exploring other alternatives.

And Therefore…

Your brand needs an influx of attention, eyes, and publicity. To have a video that truly embodies the very essence of your business is one of the best ways to make a mark in the digital age. Not only would you be able to separate yourself from your competitors by leveraging these services, but also create a formidable position in the market.

We are Buffalo Soldiers, a video production company in India. We provide a comprehensive list of services. We are not limited by anything or anyone and are adept at making Live-Action, Corporate Videos, Brand Videos, Drone Videos, Social Videos, TV adverts, Training Videos, Motion Graphics, 3D Visualization, and much more. 

Our team knows no boundaries, and for every single project we take on, we look to create a difference. The clients we have worked with in the past have given us plaudits for delivering the work on time along the quality expected. What separates us from the rest is that we don’t work for you we work with you. Reach out to us – Buffalo Soldiers offers a free consultation. Don’t stop yourself from making the brand the formidable entity it can be.

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