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24 Types of Corporate Videos That You Can immediately Choose From


Corporate videos are a fantastic way to build your brand and increase customer engagement. Video is the most popular form of content on the internet; it’s easy to consume, dynamic, and fun to watch.

If you’re thinking about creating a video for your company but aren’t sure what type of video you should create, this post will give you a whole lot of ideas. Ranging from product demos to explainer videos, I’m going to explore 25 types of corporate videos that your business can immediately start producing. 

With the right type of video, you can generate more leads and turn viewers into customers by having an effective marketing strategy in place. The style of your corporate video depends on your end goal: whether that’s educating people about a product or service, informing them about buying habits, or sharing information about your company as a whole. Whatever the purpose may be, there are several different variations you can use when it comes to creating videos designed for businesses. Before we jump into those 25 types of corporate videos further down in this post—it’s crucial that I first define what a corporate video means because they come in many shapes and sizes these days:

What is a corporate video?

A corporate video is any kind of professional-grade media created with the purpose to promote or market an organization or its products/services on various digital channels (social media platforms included). In simple terms—these are generally not commercials per se—they’re informative pieces used for different functions like internal communications and external distribution (e.g., trade shows) among other things like user manuals or educational tutorials too! Here’s one example below:

Client : Tech Mahindra | Agency: Buffalo Soldiers

A corporate video can be a short video that shows you how to use a product, service, or process. It can be used by any company that wants to share its message with the world. There are many different types of corporate videos, including explainer videos and testimonial videos.

A company may create an explainer video for any reason at all: to give customers step-by-step instructions about how something works; to promote their brand; or simply because they want people in their industry to see what they’re doing.

Why are corporate videos needed?

Why are corporate videos needed

Corporate videos are a great way to share your company’s story and brand. They can be used for internal purposes, such as recruitment and employee training. They can also be used to promote your company externally to potential customers in an engaging way.

Corporate videos are everywhere today; they’re used in commercials on television, billboards alongside the highway, and even at sporting events!

This is because these types of videos have become more popular than ever before. People love watching them because they make workdays fly by while still being informative and entertaining simultaneously – not too shabby!


Do you know what a culture video is?

A culture video is a short, fun, and entertaining way to show your employees and clients how great work life is at your company. It’s an opportunity to get clients and potential employees excited about working with you while showing them that you are proud of who you are as a brand or business.

Not only do culture videos help build company culture, but they also help with employee retention. Companies that have created these videos have found that their employees stay longer because they feel more connected to the brand after watching it.

Great Examples of Company Culture Videos

A Tribute To The Tech Mahindra Culture

Client: Tech Mahindra | Agency: Buffalo Soldiers


Company Profile Videos introduce your company to potential customers, employees, partners, and investors. These videos are not just any type of corporate video but follow a specific format and have a different purpose than others. The objective of such videos is to show what kind of services your company offers and why it is better than the competition. The most important thing in this type of video is that you should focus on what makes your business special or unique. The reason for this is because people want to know about the things that set them apart from other companies so they can choose which one will meet their needs best. Do not spend too much time explaining how you started or how long you’ve been in business because those things don’t really matter as much as what makes your company stand out from the rest.

Great Examples of Company Product Videos

Tech Mahindra Aftermarket Solution

Client: Tech Mahindra | Agency: Buffalo Soldiers

Smart City

Client: Tech Mahindra | Agency: Buffalo Soldiers


Promotional Videos are used to promote a product or service. You may have seen promotional videos for products like Coca-Cola, Nike, or Apple. These videos might show you how the product gets made and explain the quality standards that have gone into its production.

Promotional Videos are also used to promote companies and brands in general. They can show off the company culture, mission statement, and purpose of existence. They may also feature employees who work there discussing what they do daily in their job roles at the organization

Finally, promotional videos are used to promote events or conferences held by companies where they want attendees to attend their event so that they can meet with potential clients face-to-face and make new connections with potential partners or suppliers

Great Examples of Promotional Videos

Revolutionize Fan Experience

Client: Mahindra Racing | Agency: Buffalo Soldiers

Celebrating The Different

Client: Tech Mahindra | Agency: Buffalo Soldiers


Explainer videos are short videos that explain a product or service. They are used to introduce a product or service to your audience, and they can be used on their own as short films or in conjunction with other marketing materials such as infographics and brochures.

There are many types of explainer videos. Some of them include:

  • Animation (animated characters)
  • Hand drawing or sketch animation
  • 3D animation (computer graphics)
  • Whiteboard animation (pen drawings)
  • Motion Graphic video
Explainer videos are the most commonly created video. Videos in general are incredibly useful, and they fulfil a number of different goals.

Explainer videos should be short and to the point, easy to understand, engaging, and entertaining if possible! There are many different types of animation styles for creating an explainer video:

  • Animation: Animation is often used to make your video more visually appealing. Hand drawing or sketch animation can work well for simple products like toothbrushes where you want people to see how your toothbrush works from start to finish without having them read through any text. For more complicated products it might be better suited to using 3D computer modeling software (Maya) before being rendered out into an animated sequence using After Effects software.
  • Hand Drawn Animation: You can use hand-drawn animation where illustrations will illustrate certain aspects of your product as a way of explaining these ideas further than just text alone would allow (e.g., showing how something works). This kind of animation would work best if there were multiple diagrams illustrating multiple parts within one system (i.e., engine).

Great Examples of Corporate Explainer Videos

Sealed: Make Yourself At Home


Onboarding videos are one of the most popular types of corporate videos. They are used to introduce new employees to their company, role, and the people they will be working with.

These videos welcome employees and give them a brief overview of what to expect from their work environment. These types of corporate videos can also be used for other purposes, such as training or orientation for new employees.

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Case study videos are a great way to show the value of your product or service. A case study video is a short video that shows how you helped a customer achieve their goals with your product or service.

Case studies are an excellent way to demonstrate the results that are possible for anyone else who uses your product or service, but they can also be used as tutorials for new users. 

Great Examples of Case Study Videos

Facebook Case Study Video

Category: Customer Experience Case Study Example


Cobalt Business Park


Testimonial videos are used to show the benefits of a product or service. A testimonial is typically a short video in which a customer talks about how they were satisfied with their experience with the company. Testimonials can be used to show the value of a product or service, such as its ease of use, quality, and affordability.

Testimonial videos are often used for marketing purposes because customers are more inclined to believe what other people say rather than what companies say about themselves. Testimonials also help convince potential customers that they can trust your brand and that you’re an honest business person who cares about your customers’ best interests.

Great Examples of Testimonial Videos


Promotional Videos: Promotional videos are a great way to introduce your business to a new audience. They can be used to promote an event, product, or service. You can use promotional videos on social media or as commercials.

Promotion is the process of creating awareness for the brand to increase sales and revenue. A well-made video is one of the best ways of communicating with consumers through their eyes and ears instead of text messages (like Twitter).


A teaser is a short video that is used to announce a new product, service, or project. It’s designed to get viewers interested in the full product and make them want to see more.

A teaser trailer is usually longer than a teaser, but still shorter than the actual video itself. Teaser trailers are often used at the beginning of full-length videos and are effective at capturing attention before an audience gets too distracted by other things online.

What should you include in your social media teaser trailer? Social media channels like Facebook and Instagram offer some unique opportunities for businesses looking for promotional content on their platforms. 

First of all, don’t just post your movie without any information about what it’s about! Give people something that will pique their interest immediately; then they’ll be more likely to watch your whole corporate film when you release it later this week.”

Great Examples of Social Media Teasers

Hiring Contest In IT Services

Client: Xebia | Agency: Buffalo Soldiers

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Video voicemail is a short video that plays when someone leaves you a message. It’s a great way to reinforce your brand and boost conversions. You can use this video in two ways:

  • Play it on-demand, to greet customers who call the phone number associated with the video voicemail
  • Auto-play it for all incoming calls, so that every caller gets greeted by your branded greeting


Sales presentation videos are the best way to showcase your product or service convincingly and engagingly. These videos are also known as demo videos, sales pitch videos, and lead generation videos. They help you convince customers about the benefits of using your product or service.

Sales presentation videos can be divided into two main categories:

  • Scripted Sales Presentation Videos
  • Live Demo Videos


Livestream videos are a great way to connect with your audience. They allow you to build a community and increase engagement, which leads to increased brand awareness.

Here are some of the benefits of live streaming:

  • You can interact with viewers in real-time. Just by using their comments and questions as prompts, you can create engaging content for viewers who want more than just listening to your voice on a screen. This style of interaction also makes it easier for people to feel connected with you, which helps build trust between them and your brand.
  • Livestreams are easy for anyone to join at any time, which means you’ll reach new audiences whenever they tune in—and since there’s no editing involved (unlike other types of video), everything that happens during the broadcast will be shown on the screen!

Examples of Livestream Videos

Both Gary Vee and Chris Ducker do a great job of live streaming on Facebook.


Podcasts are a great way to reach your audience and get them interested in your brand. They’re also great for helping you build a community around your brand, as well as generating interest from people who would otherwise not be interested in what you have to say. Podcasts can help you increase sales and reach new customers, which is why every company must have one on their website or social media pages!


Best for Women: The BizChix


Best Practical Tips: The $100 MBA


Best Interview Show: Entrepreneurs On Fire



A video series is usually a series of short videos that are connected by a common theme. Videos in the same series are often used to tell a story or educate viewers on a single topic. Video series can also be used for branding purposes, product promotion, or even self-help videos.

These collections of videos are connected by a common theme. You can use these videos to tell a story or educate your viewers. Video series can also be used to create a brand and promote products. Here are some examples:

  • A restaurant could have several short videos on their menu items and kitchen staff, giving viewers an inside look at what makes their food so delicious.
  • A clothing company could show the different styles of clothing they offer through short videos of each model wearing them (along with the price).
  • An entertainment studio could post interviews with actors/directors/other people involved in creating movies or TV shows as well as behind-the-scenes footage from the set; this would allow fans to get more invested in upcoming projects because they will feel more connected with those working hard to bring them life!

A B2B company could use video series to create an educational series for their customers about how to use their service effectively. The company could release one video per week or month depending on how many services they sell and how much research they want to do before creating each new episode. As long as you’re consistent with releasing your new episodes every so often, viewers will be excited when they see that there is another installment!

Great Examples of Video Series:






  • Documentary-style videos are a great way to tell the story of an organization, event, or product. They can appeal to audiences who prefer an informative approach, and they’re often used in marketing as well as corporate communications.
  • A documentary-style video gives you the chance to speak directly to your audience. It’s a way for your brand’s voice and personality (if it has one) to shine through on camera.
  • This style of video is great for telling stories about what matters most to your company, such as its history, mission statement, or values—or simply telling the story behind your product or service so that customers can understand what makes it unique.
  • The benefits of this type of video are many: It helps communicate information that might otherwise be difficult for viewers because it provides real-world examples; tells stories about both products/services and people; creates trust between businesses and consumers; serves up relevant product information while simultaneously entertaining viewers with relatable content they’ll want their friends/family members to see!

Great Examples of Documentary-style Videos:

WWF India’s ‘Ek Prithvi’ program – Conservation Leadership through Education

WWF India’s Earth Hour Original Anthem

Client: WWF India | Agency: Buffalo Soldiers

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Customer profile videos are essential for the building of a brand. These videos can be used to show the culture and work environment of your company. If you’re selling something, it might be helpful to show it in use.

Customers can also be great examples of using their product or service in the video. It gives them credibility and helps build trust with potential customers watching these videos online. The same thing goes for employees; they should also be featured because this shows that people enjoy working there!

This is another way to showcase how much experience your company has by showing how much time has passed since its inception or opening day, whether that was years ago or just yesterday! This could also include milestones such as awards won or certifications earned during all those years spent doing business together. 

Great Examples of Customer Profile Videos

Agency: Buffalo Soldiers


Team member videos are a great way to showcase your team and their work. They can be used to introduce new members of the team, or they can show off the work that your team has done over time.

Teams often have very distinct cultures and personalities, so it’s important to communicate this in a video. You should be sure that you’re highlighting all aspects of what makes your team unique so that viewers see how much fun working with them would be!

Great Examples of Team Member Videos


Tips and tricks videos are short and sweet. They are usually less than 5 minutes, but they make up for their brevity with useful information that can help viewers do more with their products or services. These types of corporate videos can be used to teach people how to use new features on an app or website, explain the benefits of using a specific product over another one, or demonstrate how something should be done correctly (or not). 

GREAT Examples of Tips and Tricks Videos


Corporate training videos are a great way to educate your employees, customers, and partners on the brand’s core values. They also serve as an excellent resource for internal staff members who may not be familiar with all aspects of the company’s operations.

Video marketing is becoming increasingly popular in corporate video production because it provides a creative outlet for companies to tell their story and share their knowledge with others in an engaging manner.


An office tour video is a great way to show your company’s culture, mission, and values to your potential customers. It will give them a sense of the working environment you’re offering.

An effective office tour video will help you build trust with your audience because they’ll see the people behind your brand. And when they see those people, they’ll feel like they know you better than before and can recognize that their needs are important to you too.

The most common type of office tour video is one where someone walks through their daily routine at work or talks about what makes their workplace unique in some way (e.g., “We have an open-plan office so everyone can work together!”).

Another type is one where someone talks about some unusual aspect of their job that puts them in a different situation from most other workers (e . g . , “I travel all around the world for my job!”).



Service overview videos are used to explain a service, product, or business. This type of video is a great way to convey your company’s mission statement and vision for the future. By explaining what you do engagingly, you’ll be able to engage new customers, attract investors, and reach employees on a deeper level.

Service overview videos should be short (between 2-3 minutes) and offer an engaging introduction to what makes your business unique. These types of videos are especially helpful when you’re introducing yourself to potential investors or pitching ideas to potential clients that may not know who you are yet!

72% customers would rather learn about a service or service through a video. 84% people have had their decisions influence by a brand’s video before buying a service or product.


Product overview videos introduce a product or service to a potential buyer. They can be used as an introduction video for your website if you’re selling the product online. In this type of company video, other types are also mentioned to give more information about the company and its services.

Product Overview Videos serve as an effective way of informing people about the features and benefits of your products/services. These videos help potential customers make informed decisions when choosing what they want from you by providing them with all the relevant details that they need to make their decision. Product overviews differ from marketing videos because they focus on educating viewers about how exactly your products or services will benefit them rather than trying to sell anything directly.


An event video is a short video that showcases an event. Event videos promote a new product, service, or brand. These videos can also be used to create awareness about the company at a tradeshow or conference. A tradeshow video is used to share information about your products and services with potential customers at trade shows. It’s usually less than 5 minutes long and features some of your best products or services along with their benefits.

A conference video shows how you can help others in your industry by sharing your expertise through workshops, seminars, or panel discussions on relevant topics such as improving productivity skills, reducing costs, etc.


Financial Videos

Investor relations videos are used to provide information about a company’s financial results and plans to investors. They can be created at any time, but are commonly released after the end of an annual or quarterly period. This is because when a company releases its results for these periods, it often includes projections for future profits and growth.

Investor relations videos generally include statements from executives discussing what the company did well over the past period, along with any challenges they faced, as well as their plans going forward. These types of videos need not be live-action; they may include interviews with CEOs and other senior staff members instead.

Financial results videos focus on business performance rather than strategy or goals. Since the purpose of this type of video is to inform potential investors about how well an organization has performed in certain areas (such as net income), it will typically include graphs or charts demonstrating those figures over periods such as months/quarters/years etcetera

And Therefore…

You can’t have a successful video marketing strategy without corporate videos. They’re an essential part of any communication toolkit and are a great way to build your brand, reach new audiences, and draw more business. If you don’t already have a plan for producing these types of videos, you must create one now because they can be remarkably effective if done right. All you need is someone who knows how to make them well. And then we are always there to help you at Buffalo Soldiers to create your perfect corporate video that tells your story and attracts new customers.

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