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World Sleep Day 2021: How Brands Took The Initiative To Spread The Importance of Health

The average human body requires 7 to 9 hours of sleep everyday. But that is what we are deprived of. While some people associate sleep with being lethargic, its deprivation can amount to serious health problems. To address the importance of sleep and its impact on the human body, World Sleep Day has been recognized as an important event and celebrated every year since 2008

This year, the event was celebrated on March 19 accompanied by the theme “Regular Sleep, Healthy Future”. Brands have been creative, especially the mattress brands, that have leveraged unique ways to spread awareness about sleep.  


Sleepwell is a flagship brand of the Sheela Group and one of the leading mattress brands in India. In order to alleviate back pain (the most common problem faced today), their mattresses infuse comfort with technology, benefiting consumers in unique ways.   

Celebrating World Sleep Day, the leading pioneer in providing sleep and comfort solutions encouraged people to put a snooze button on all things that divide us – to keyboard activism, to fake news, to gender roles, to crusades, to hate. The #GiveItARest Campaign laid emphasis on the importance of sleep in our lives (that is seldom compromised). The 59 seconds video concludes on a note “It won’t change the world forever. But for one day it might help the world sleep better” which sparked resonance in the online community a few hours after it went up. Individuals from all over India were joining the moment by sharing the importance of sleep along with Sleepwell. 

Source: Adgully


Serta is the leading manufacturer of luxury mattresses in the United States providing relief to various health problems and improving the quality of sleep through their advanced comfort quilt and mega foam technology. 

To generate awareness about healthy sleep the mattress brand shared sleep challenges each day in Sleep Awareness Week and encouraged their viewers to complete the challenges and win giveaway prizes. The biggest takeaway from this contest was the development of a consistent and healthy sleep routine.  

Source: @Sertamattress on Instagram 


When asked about the most popular sleep music, the first thing that comes to mind are lullabies that have been in use for 4000 years. Parents from all households sing lullabies to soothe their younger ones and put them to sleep.  Even scientific studies have proven the essence of lullaby in putting children of all ages to sleep. In order to revive the age-old pre-sleep routine, Duroflex has launched their ‘Sounds of Sleep’ digital series. 

As one of India’s fastest-growing mattress brand, Duroflex has gained a national footprint with its cutting-edge products driven by technology. 

The six episodic digital series is aimed to revive and recreate the undermined regional lullabies, creating a sense of nostalgia and providing convenience to the new age millennial parents who are looking for soothing music to create a healthy sleep routine for their baby. 

Source: The News Minute

The series has been conceptualized by Duroflex’s creative agency partner Sunny Side Up, co-created with Sony Music India and Lodestar UM Studios. 

Doctor Dreams

Hailing from the house of Nilkamal, Doctor Dreams is committed to creating a comprehensive sleep ecosystem with its host of products. 

Intending to educate consumers about the importance of choosing the right mattress, Doctor Dreams has launched their ‘Happy Sleep, Delivered!’ campaign twinning with the celebration of World Sleep Day. 

The campaign personifies a series of funny banters between Doctor Dreams mattress and regular mattress highlighting the advanced features of Doctor Dreams and informing the viewers on what an ideal mattress should be. The campaign extends to a contest wherein the participants are required to share a funny quote on “why someone should buy it”. The winners will be rewarded with Doctor Dreams and Amazon vouchers worth Rs 1 Lakh.

Source: @doctordreamsindia on Instagram 



With a mission to deliver an optimal sleep experience, Emma-Sleep was founded in Germany and has managed to expand to 17 countries. The development team at Emma continually strives to make advancements through innovation and gives their customers the comfort and support for a better night’s sleep. 

To generate awareness about World Sleep Day, the mattress company offered huge discounts on all of its award-winning products across the countries of operation. Also, the company became an official sponsor of World Sleep Day 2021 raising awareness about the importance of sleep and its impact on health.

Source: Emma-mattress

These were some of the campaigns that took the initiative to spread awareness about healthy sleep and promoted their brand simultaneously. 

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Ishika Mitra