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5 Tips To Get Noticed On Twitter

Have you ever wondered how certain Twitter accounts easily build engagement? Twitter is no longer an optional marketing medium. Everyone is using it, therefore you should be as well.

However, because everyone is using it, you may become lost in the crowd. It’s difficult to make an impression. Using Twitter to be recognized, on the other hand, is more of an art than a science.

If you’re ready to start getting noticed on Twitter, here are 5 strategies to get you started. These tips will result in increased audience size and engagement, which is simply what we all desire in the social media sphere.

#1. Tweet About Hot Topics

Image Source: Tech Glamour

Sharing your money away on a hot issue, sometimes known as “trend jacking” or “newsjacking,” is a wonderful way to be noticed on Twitter. There’s a strong possibility that when people click on that popular subject, they’ll see your tweet. It’s also a fantastic opportunity to respond to others who are talking about the same issue.

One crucial piece of information to remember is that if you aren’t careful, newsjacking may go badly. Before sending out your own tweet, you should perform some research on the issue (especially hashtags). It’s also a good idea to keep it relevant to your business and community.

#2. Collaborate with other creators on content

Image Source: Jostle Blog

Consider adding some handpicked material from other sources to your Twitter queue if you need some help filling it up. Not only is this a fantastic opportunity to give value to your audience outside of your material, but the original creator is likely to notice and promote your article. However, if you truly want to go above and above, offer your opinions on the article or video you’re linking to spark discussion.

#3. Stop promoting yourself all the time

Image Source: Inc. Magazine

It is considered bad form to continuously blare about what you are doing on Twitter. You’ll need to incorporate links to your blog articles as well as other valuable material from other sites in your field. 

Once you’ve followed thought leaders in your field, you may rapidly check your Tweetstream for items to retweet. 

Alternatively, SmartBriefs or Google Alerts can be used to locate interesting content. Presto! You are now intriguing enough to attract followers. But don’t make it all about you; that’s why no one is interested.

#4. Make Use Of Relevant Hashtags

Image Source: NW Design

Learn how to use hashtags to help your content be discovered. For example, if you want other writers to see your link, share it on #WW (Writer Wednesday), or if you want to flatter someone else by endorsing them, mention them on #FF (Friend Friday) (Follow Friday). People use hashtags like #writer, #business, and #blog to find material that interests them.

#5. Use Relevant Visual Content

Image Source: Business To Community

Humans put a high priority on visual content. Visual learners account for around 65 percent of the population. The brain processes visual information 60,000 times quicker than text, according to 3M Corporation.

However, if you look at your Twitter feed, you’ll notice that the majority of people’s tweets are just text. Make the most of the chance to stand out. Include photos in your tweets, whether from the corporate account or your own.

Visual material is an excellent method to express your views and opinions, and it quickly distinguishes your tweet from the rest of the stream.


There is a lot of noise on Twitter to sort through. It’s sometimes good, sometimes not so nice. Take the time to personalize your tweets and engage with others. Use pictures, express yourself, and be yourself.

Every time you post unique and engaging information, you are growing a larger audience with stronger relationships. It won’t happen overnight, or even in a month, but the payoff is well worth the effort.

Author avatar
Arundhati Sensharma