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Why Eloqua Is A Preferred CRM Software Among Corporates?

Customer relationship management (CRM)  is a combination of data and action. It is a practice of using tools, technology, and processes to gather and analyze customer behavior. With a well-thought-out CRM strategy, stronger customer relationships can be built. It helps businesses to create superior customer experiences that increase customer loyalty, loop in new leads and keep a company ahead of the competition.

What Does a CRM System Do?

A CRM system gathers all the information and then analyzes all the available data about a specific customer’s journey. When it comes to technological capabilities, we believe that the best CRM systems should offer robust analytics coupled with artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning. These types of systems not only provide retrospective information but they also guide you towards the next best actions for product configurations—specific to each customer opportunity. 

A CRM system offers an automated workflow process to assist in streamlining the customer experience. 

Oracle Eloqua As The Ultimate Marketing Automation Software

Oracle Eloqua, empowers the marketers to orchestrate marketing campaigns, send email communications to subscribers and existing customers, create landing pages for digital marketing campaigns and capture lead information and pass it on to the salesforce. It gives the user a digital whiteboard which simplifies the campaign creation process. 

By helping marketers visualize each step, it ensures that they are touching base with each and every member of the audience at the right time while providing real-time reporting and insights. In short, it helps businesses to create dynamic customer journeys that flow and change with a buyer’s interests. 

Lead Management on Eloqua can happen with the help of the following tools –

  • Behavior Tracking: This tool involves looking into the websites and the prospective walkthroughs. It involves social networks, the keywords that have been searched and the emails that have been opened.
  • Segmentation: This tool categorizes the audience demographically and behaviorally, which adds to the outreach process.
  • Scheduling Flexibility: This tool looks into the recipient’s time zone and frames the timeline of messages that need to be shared accordingly for better customer management.
  • Lead Scoring: This tool compares important and unnecessary behaviors to help businesses choose the best lead for the campaign.

An Eloqua campaign includes the following features –

  • Triggered Email: This is an act of sending personalized emails depending on the actions of the customer.
  • Landing Page: Customizing the landing pages helps to regulate the overall customer experience and further increases the conversion rates.
  • Mobile: Mobile-optimized features too are a part of the market automation platforms offered. 

Eloqua is the perfect software which helps a business nurture its market at a higher rate. It helps businesses to automate conversations with the customers while maintaining the relevance of the content being shared with them. Eloqua is one of the best customer relationship management software available in the market. 

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Jyoti Baswal