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What Types Of Video Drive Different Reactions On Facebook?

Ever since Facebook rolled Reactions, the feature has been used over 300 billion times in its very first year. Couple this with video’s organic reach on Facebook at 135% more than that of photos and you will wonder how the twain can meet? This is where digital agencies provide social media service where videos can be created to drive instant reactions to your Facebook post. 

A recent study has found that there are “8 billion daily views for Facebook Video in November 2015—a 100% growth from 6 months prior to the study.”

As Facebook grew, users started to clamor for dislike button to be added to the platform. But the social media platform came up with more: Like, Love, Happy, Wow, Sad and Angry. This sums up the Reactions tool on Facebook. The range of emotional reactions to Facebook video makes sense when you think about the nature of Facebook and of human beings too. This social media platform is a place where users connect with their family and friends and share their interests.

A study by the New York Times in 2011, found that users shared information for these five main reasons:

  • Delighting folks with entertaining content
  • Creating an identity/persona for others 
  • Nurture relationships
  • Self-fulfillment
  • Act as influencers about issues, products & brands

So what types of video will garner different reactions on Facebook:

Interview Format

From an industry leader to a glance into a lecture, no matter the industry you are in, a live video featuring a quick Q&A or asking for questions and opinions from your followers is a sure-fire way to garner more reactions and engagements. Informative interview styled Q&A works very well to address any burning questions your followers may have about a business, market or industry. To garner more reactions, request for questions before launching into live video. You can also do a pre-recorded video. 

Feature Video

A recent study has found that 78% of people said that their purchasing decisions have been made by the brand’s social media post. Feature video is a good way to highlight the specifics of a product or service. An informal social media post is considered more authentic than posting an ad. With Facebook and Instagram stories, you can slip in an ad as post, as many followers prefer this medium for a quick update from your account. 

Advertise, Not ‘Advertise’

When people log in to their social media accounts to check your account for updates, the last thing they have in mind is to make a purchase. They are looking for updates and information. Simply put, their buying intent is low. So how we drive reactions if that is the intent? Advertise but do it subtly and stealthily. Infuse humor, use storytelling, offer something insightful and useful, and the best way is to catch them off-guard. Make the video eye-grabbing and catchy but do not overdo it. It should come across as a post and not an advertisement. 

Call To Action

One of the most overlooked strategy when it comes to creating a reaction for videos is not including a call to action. The best way is to directly ask users about the video. Asking for feedback will only enhance your reputation as you learn and work from it. Various accounts such as Tasty and Lad Bible, garner a lot of reactions due to its content. Using sign-ups ‘to receive more such videos’ or creating a video post that is informative will by itself create reactions. 

User-Generated Content

Who doesn’t like to be featured? Creating video is tedious but that does not mean you cannot ask your fans to share their work. Asking your followers to submit a video and get featured will itself garner a lot of reactions and engagements. You can hold contests, reach out to influencers or simply just share a post will generate a connection and reaction from your followers.


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