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What Are Moments On Twitter And How To Use Them

In a single Tweet, it can be tough to branch out from the chaos and tell a completely different story. To tell entertaining stories, you must construct and cultivate longer-form content using Twitter Moments.

Moments encourage you to share a story that goes well beyond Tweets and shows multiple opinions. By building sets of noteworthy Twitter exchanges and live remarks, or stitching together Tweets that express a positive or insightful message, you build a moment. Curating content and generating moments around any subject, discussion, or event that is important to your brand is easy.

Moments are meant to help Twitter users catch up with what the internet is buzzing about at any particular time since they were first launched, without wanting to follow hundreds of new people or track news topics closely.


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Choosing a perfect subject is the secret to producing a persuasive Moment and then getting it to life with insightful feedback, interactive animations, and stunning pictures is the real deal. How do you understand what to include?

When you take a glance at the material, here are a few questions to consider:

  •  Is this tale going to appeal to my viewers?
  •  In a way that would raise curiosity, is it either appropriate or timeless?
  •  In the headline or definition, what phrases or hashtags can I use to boost discoverability?
  • Am I choosing information from a large variety of different sources, opinions, and voices?
  •  Will pictures or videos attract my followers including the Tweets I am curating?
  •  Does a detailed interaction add up to any of the pieces I’ve selected?

Quality management is valuable. A Moment with a strong emphasis that involves informative facts, insightful remarks, amusing quips, and brilliant visuals will be pursued, exchanged, and discovered if possible. Check out our Twitter Moments rules and values for further perspective.


Twitter Moment - Buffalo Soldiers Digital

Source: Social Media Examiner

Tweet moment - Buffalo Soldiers Digital

Source: HubSpot


To produce a Twitter Moment – go to the top right corner, choose your profile pic, from the drop-down menu, pick Moments.

  •  Then, on the right, press Create a New Moment.
  •  Next, select a theme for your moment and attach a summary to help catch the interest of consumers and create interaction and dialogue.
  •  Scroll to the bottom – to the ‘Link Tweets to Your Moment’ category until you’ve determined what moment you want to build. You may use your own tweets, tweets that you’ve enjoyed lately, or check through all of your shared tweets.
  •  Press the grey check button to the right of the tweet when you locate the post you want to attach to your moment. You’ve got to apply tweets to the moment sequentially; this doesn’t happen instantly like a clip.
  • Next, apply the moment to the cover shot. This picture is essential since it will help catch the interest of users and want them to select to see more. You should upload a picture or use a tweet picture that you’ve attached to your moment.

To tailor your time more judiciously, press … More in the top-left corner to use these options:

  •  Set a colour for the smartphone theme.
  •  Decide if the moment should be shared with your venue.
  •  Confidentially, share the moment.
  •  Label times that have responsive content.
  •  (This will come in very handy later) Remove or unpublish moments.
  •  When the moment is prepared for you to post, click Post in the top-right corner.
  •  You should write a tweet to encourage it and display it on your feed after you’ve released your moment.
  •   A lightsaber icon on your tweets quickly distinguishes time stamps. At any time, you can update, unpublish, or erase a time, so it should be the real moment, not the tweet that promotes it.


To highlight a single subject of your choosing, Twitter moments are better used and can be used to enhance interaction and ignite conversation. Although Twitter Moments were only used by a few organizations so far, there are some interesting examples that can be tailored for your own marketing activities.

Tweets for Function Influencer

Collaborating with influencers and personalities will help the promotions create a surge of instant traffic and raise awareness. When your organization has been dealt with by a business leader or other big influencer, make sure that you have it in a second.

Although most small and medium-sized enterprises usually don’t have celebrities promoting their products, it’s always a big deal to feature tweets from industry professionals. Locate the advertiser’s tweet at the start of the moment to make sure it’s instantly noticed.

Promoting activities

Twitter moments, be it forthcoming, happening now, or in the past, are a perfect way to advertise an event.

For a few of your specific tweets in a minute, you can spread valuable important data to anyone who will join in the upcoming gathering. For any activity you’re a member of, using a combination of your insightful messages together with tweets from several other members can be an effective promotional method.

Repurpose Video

Video marketing has had a massive influence on social media platforms, and it can be a powerful way to share a story by combining video tweets at your time. Using a screenshot as the cover picture will also add a lot of traction to the moment.


Moments on Twitter are a perfect way to create dialogue. You can determine which conversations you want to illustrate, and you can pick which tweets you should use in moments. Sharing stories this way will have a huge effect on your organization and help you meet customers with whom you have not previously associated.

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