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Types Of Visual Content That Will Rule 2018

[su_quote]Visual marketing does not just sell a product or a service, it sells an experience around your business – Rebekah Radice[/su_quote]

Visual content is far more effective in terms of reach and impact than non-visual content. Here’s a look at content trends that would rule 2018:

Visual Discovery Features

A feature that is bound to gain a lot of popularity in 2018, is the visual discovery feature initially used by Pinterest. Using this, consumers can be directed to visually relevant photos of their object of interest – a feature that is certainly user-friendly. Facebook and Amazon are also reportedly working on a similar feature.

Visual Storytelling

Ann Handley, Chief Content Officer, MarketingProfs said, “The power of visual marketing comes through when you can pair it with a short story. Your message can be that much more powerful.” From films to virtual reality to interactive games and videos to data visualization, visual storytelling would continue to be a major trend in the coming year. Read more visual storytelling trends here

Social Videos

With better mobile cameras and editing software, it is relatively easy to upload quality videos and minimal cost. There 10-90 second smart videos will be even more popular on social media platforms.  It is estimated that 48% of marketers would add YouTube videos for their content marketing and 46% would add Facebook video. A study published on Search Engine Journal shows a massive increase of 178% in the average engagement of Facebook Live videos.

Photos and GIFs have already become a universal communication language, given their ability to create an instant emotional connection with the consumer. Without a doubt, photos and GIFs would continue to be the bread and butter for visual communication in the coming times.

Ephemeral Visual Content

Popularised by Snapchat, this represents the video or photo that lasts for only 24 hours. After that, it disappears forever from your profile account or page. According to AdWeek, “the content is lost within hours, so it effectively raises the potential of FOMO (fear of missing out). As a result, audiences take fast action and marketers gain from it. Ephemeral video content is fast gaining popularity and is going to rule the visual content marketing scenes in 2018.

Clean Web Pages

Too much of visual content hurts the eye and runs the risk of confusing the viewer’s mind. Bold readable typography, use of lesser textures and complex form while making full use of grids and perfect geometries for a proper visual balance is a welcoming new trend. Minimalism is here to stay for 2018 and beyond.

Interactive Broadcasting And 360° Videos

The ease of reaching out and personalized interaction has made interactive broadcasting popular on Facebook and Instagram. Many businesses are expected to include a live feature in their visual communication strategy and make it more interactive. 360° videos have been experimented well through the whole of 2017 and would be a hot trend in 2018 for visual marketing having gathered more subscribers, shares and clicks.

Vertical Visual Content

Vertical video is considered the most natural for mobiles and is being considered to be a marquee feature of visual content marketing in 2018. It manages to capture the full attention of the user  and follows the 3V model: Vertical – made for mobile, Video – best way to tell a story,  Views – always full screen

Infographic Content

Infographics that surprise and delight, the information presented in such a form is likely to play a key role in 2018 visual content calendar. Stats show that infographics are liked and shared on social media 3x more. They are the perfect blend of data, design and storytelling. This along with data-driven visuals would make for an ideal ‘visual element’ in the coming year.

Augmented Reality

A point almost unanimously accepted by all content marketers is that 2018 will see better implementations of AR in visual storytelling, widely appreciated for its impact, novelty appeal and its cross-dimensional universe. And the additional implementation of AI would be a definite plus.

User-generated Content

More quotes, testimonials, video blogs from customers are likely to find a more prominent space on the landing pages for many businesses. This is keeping in mind the authenticity, honesty of a product or a service gained through user recommendations.

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Urmi Bhattacharjee