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5 Things You Need To Do Right Now To Ensure Blog Security

Prevention is better than cure. Our blogs also need our attention when it comes to security just like our money and other belongings do. Is your blog safe from potential threats?

Our blogs are virtual belongings that not only represent our social image and knowledge but also provide us a  platform to tell people how we feel about a particular subject. Just like our other belongings, our blogs are also our responsibility and we must protect them from all potential risks. Today in this blog, I am here with 5 Things that you need to do right now to protect your blog from hackers.

#1. Get an SSL Certificate Right Now!

Image Source: Delicious Brains

In case you don’t have one yet, an SSL certificate is the first thing that you need to get to secure your blog/website. 

It is a must-have for all sorts of websites. This certificate not only tells the audience that your website is secure but also protects your website from potential risks. 

This security certificate protects your as well as your readers’ privacy by protecting private details such as email addresses, card details, addresses, etc. 

#2. Scan Your Site Regularly 

Image Source: I credit Online

You can prevent several security threats on your website by scanning it regularly using a powerful tool. Scanning your site will alert you in case your site has been attacked by malware. 

Scanning once in a while usually does less help than scanning regularly. Most of the time the hackers don’t want to let you know about the security threat they are imposing on your website and the risks might be clear after a few days. 

Thus, regular scanning of your website will alert you as soon as any such threat can be noticed and will allow you to take preventive measures before things go any worse. 

#3. Have a Good Host

Image Source: Young Leaders

Having a good host resolves half of the problems even before they can occur. Don’t fall for the free hosts available in the market. They are only good for learning purposes and not for actual business or blogging. 

Free hosts are the least secure and make your website vulnerable to cyber attacks. Getting a free or cheap host may first look inexpensive but they might turn out to be really expensive later. 

#4. Backup Your Blog

Image Source: Dutko Worldwide

This will ensure that all your documents, videos, and content is secure even if your website gets hacked. 

This won’t stop hackers from hacking your website but will at least keep all your data secure so that any cyberattack cannot damage your content and you can post it again after recovering from the attack. 

Again, backups should also be done regularly without fail. This will take up some space in your disk but will guarantee you a safe comeback. 

We recommend you to use safe tools for backing your content up, as many free tools available on the internet are not really “free”. 

#5. Having a Security Plugin is a Must 

Image Source: Kinsta

A security plugin is worth the cost it takes. This should never be an option, but a must-have for your website. 

You may also find several good ones for free on the internet in case you are running low on budget. These are quite easy to install and start using. 

The best thing you can do using a security plugin is that you can hide your login URL from your website so that hackers can’t find it. Once your login URL is hidden, your site is no more vulnerable to 70% of the risks. 


With advancing technology, cybercrime is also advancing. It is always better to be safe and secure beforehand than to regret not being so later. Now that you have read this post, don’t waste any more time if you don’t have any of the things listed above. Go ahead and secure your website now!

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Arundhati Sensharma