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The Unwritten Rules Of Email Marketing

Email marketing is very effective, but can also be the opposite when done wrong. Surely, you hate receiving emails from the brands you’ve subscribed on a daily basis. That’s just too much. Not only will your target audience see you as a spammer, but also see its value less and less as you fill up their inbox with continuous emails.

Before launching your email marketing in full blown, try A/B testing first. In this manner, you’ll see which campaigns works better than the other. There are a lot of email elements you can tweak such as subject line, the email’s content, and error messages.

Don’t expect your email marketing campaign to be successful when the mistake is done on your end. It’s crucial to test it first to avoid comments from your customers.

Another thing you have to watch out for is missing or unclickable images. When you’ve reached out to a customer, they’ll most likely not respond when the information you’ve given is incomplete. They would reply but it’s just an inquiry why an image is not loading. Surely, that’s not the type of responses you want.

In this infographic by PureB2B, know the best practices of email marketing and how you can apply it to your own. Most importantly, email marketing is still a powerful marketing channel until today.

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Dai Carillo