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Top 7 Ranking Signals: What really Matters in 2020

The ranking is all about your position over the internet, be it Google or any other search engine. The brands and businesses which top the list of almost every search engine globally is the market leader and to ensure that you also rule the world like the big and popular brands we all aspire to buy, it’s time that you start working towards research and knowing your business better.

To make it easy and a wonderful experience,  we at Buffalo Soldiers are here to help you out. As a digital agency, we ensure that our clients get solutions to all their digital problems from managing their social media handles to getting the top ranking in SEO search results. So let’s get started with the top 7 indicators which will help you in acing the ranking during organic searches.

High-Quality Content

Content is the hero behind every successful brand you see over the internet. The way they portray their business and add value to people is to want people who are looking for. So it is very important that the content that you deliver to your target audience is worth their time and adds knowledge to them in any form, be it blogs, videos, photos or any other form that you use to promote your business online. 

It is important that you add value and convey what your target audience is looking for. To understand this better, focus on the 4 main concepts as listed below.

  • Search Intent

Understand your audience better. Step into their shoes and make a list of words they use to search your business online. You can also make the use of Google analytics to ease your research. This exercise will help you identify the words and tone your target customers is looking for. So that you can understand it better and implement such words and tone while creating content. It will not just help you impress your audience but will also increase the time spent by an average user on your website and reduce the bounce rate.

  • Keyword Research

Keywords play a very important role in improving the position in organic search results. To identify the words which are most relevant to your business and use them regularly in your content to improve your ranking in search engines.

  • Voice Search 

With the introduction of AI in the form of chat pod like SIRI, Alexa and Amazon Eco more and more people have started using voice search to locate any brand or business. So ensure that you use simple and frequently used language in your content while promoting your business online to reap the maximum engagement through voice search. 

  • Rich Snippet 

Snippets play a very important role on every search engine as they appear in the forms of images and ratings which helps the user to get a better idea and confidence on the brand or business with which they are planning to interact.

Buffalo Soldiers TIP: These are a few secrets to make your content more engaging and qualitative.  But worry not, if you are looking for a content marketing expert to help you execute this better than visit us with all your queries and get the best results you were aspiring for.

Mobile-Friendly Websites

Mobiles have become an indispensable part of our lives just like air and water without which no one can survive whether rich or poor. Everyone in today’s era has access to smartphones which has ultimately made social media and online marketing what we see today. So keeping in mind, the current environment it is important that every business and brand design their websites keeping the layout flexible. This means that websites should we easily accessible in no time on mobiles, tablets, laptops, or desktops. Whichever device is being used by the target audience, the website should mold itself in that desired ratio and aspect to enhance the user experience and encourage them to spend more time with your content and website altogether. 

Create Secure Websites

To survive in the digitally advanced business environment in current times when cybersecurity is a major issue, it is very important that your business website is secure and safe enough to be used by your target audience. 

Make sure your website follows the HTTPS format which is considered safe and secured by Google, the largest search engine in the world. Because if by any chance if your website does not follow these mandatory norms, your audience will not be able to use your website with full confidence because internet browser prompts messages like corrupted websites or not safe to use as soon as you click on the URL. So if you have not revised your website into HTTPS format than go and get it done soon before you start losing your customers. 

Improve User Experience

User experience is the key that every brand and business is currently working on to get that easy, fast, and friendly website which even a school kid can operate easily. So work on your website to make it simple and elegant enough that anyone who lands on your website can take a tour of everything he was looking for in a few clicks and spends a lot of time on your website engaging with the content.

Optimized Speed

Speed is what defines the overall image of a brand these days. It plays a very important part of the user journey experienced by the user and ultimately leads to sales or no sales conversions. Therefore make sure that your website is accessible at the click of the button as no one likes to wait for a website to load. So optimize your speed or say bye to your target audience!

Use Relevant Backlinks

Backlinks play a very important role in all types of content published over the internet. It has eased the process of communicating information as we can now communicate a huge amount of information by backlinking the relevant words with the case study, research paper, related news articles, or similar resources. This also helps the user looking for deep knowledge at one destination and hence enhances their experience and total time spent on a particular website which results in a positive upscaling of the businesses.

Ensure On-Page Optimization

On-page optimization plays a very important role in driving a diverse set of audience to your page and website. It helps to draw a complete user journey from login to signing up for a newsletter and filling up a feedback form regarding their website experience. It is a long-lasting exercise relevant even today as it improves SEO performance and ensures a smooth flow of information as per the needs of the customer on a website of a brand or business.

So make sure you fix all these 7 indicators or hire Buffalo Soldiers to improve your SEO ranking to improve your business performance.

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