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The Best New Pinterest Marketing Strategies Working Today

When it comes to social media platforms for brands and business, Pinterest marketing strategies always flies under the radar when compared to the other big platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Pinterest is the quiet achiever whose numbers keep on increasing every year. 

Here are some points to ponder – 

Did you know: Pinterest is the top social network for product discovery? Or the fact that more than half of Pinterest users have accessed Pinterest in a store while they’re shopping?

In the U.S. alone

  • 41% of women online use Pinterest. Meanwhile
  • 16% of online men use Pinterest

And in terms of age breakdown, the majority of Pinterest users fall between 

So how does a brand unleash the best Pinterest marketing strategies? Find out below:

Make A Very Short Video

According to Pinterest, the best videos are the ones which are short, so stick to 6-15 second videos. Along with this, ensure the visual is on point to your messaging by having the visuals speak for themselves. Use captions or text overlay to explain your message. Just like other social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, your users do not rely on the audio and watch it on mute. After you’ve uploaded the video and BEFORE publishing, make sure to choose the right cover image as Pinterest is visually heavy and you want your post to really stand out from the crowd. Plus, Pinterest uses your cover image to help show your video to the right audience. 

Don’t Forget Pinterest Tag

Just like Facebook’s Pixel, Pinterest Tag is a tracking tool that allows you to follow the behavior of people who click from one of your Pinterest ads and come to your website. This allows you to understand the user behavior and check up on any conversion on your website. Also ensure the messaging on your Pinterest matches the ones on your website. On Pinterest, use the description section to write the message for your pins. Additionally, you can create a text overlay of the image. Text overlay is simply the text that you put into the design of your image, whether you’re creating it in Canva, Photoshop, Sketch, or elsewhere.

Keep Tab On Seasonal Moments

Pinterest is a great place to plan events, and the site sees a surge in traffic during such seasonal moments such as Christmas, Black Friday, even Super Bowl. These calendar spots are great to reach an even wider audience and maximize your content reach. Pinterest also provides a downloadable list of possible events which tells you when Pinners start saving Pins, often months ahead of the specific date.

Descriptions & Hashtags

Pinterest is to visual search what Google is for SEO. The key lies in writing the right description and using the right hashtags for your pins, boards, and contents to be visible. If you’re uploading pin related to the field of graphic design, do a simple search on Pinterest and see the various suggestions that come along in the search box. Knowing what your users are searching will help boost your pin too!

Personal Boards or Group Boards

In 2018, Pinterest said they were going to be de-emphasizing group boards. And with it, every Pinner thought that boards are dead, long live the boards! However, it couldn’t be further from the truth. As a brand or individual, you can still create your personal board but make sure it has the right descriptions with the right Board Title. For example, if you wish to share your graphic design work, make a personal board with the title, My Journey In Graphic Design with the right descriptions. On the other hand, the once-popular Group Boards, have gone niche. You can join one that is relevant to your interests, or business and ensure it is titled in a more nuanced manner. 

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