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5 Ways To Rank Your Hospitality Business Higher On Google Searches

Which is that one place that you visit online while searching for hotels? Like billions of other people, your online hotel search might also start from a Google search, isn’t it? Thus, having a good rank in SERPs for your hospitality business is a crucial thing you must seek.

According to Google, millions of people search for hotels online every day using their search engine. Not just that, but people are also keen to know the facilities, prices, and overall reviews of the hotels.

While there might be thousands of similar hotels appearing on the search results page, only a few have a good click-through rate. Hotel SEO plays a major role in bringing traffic to your hotel’s website and more importantly, customers to your hotel business.

#1. Evaluate Your Website

Image Source: Flex Jobs

Look at your website not as the owner, but as a visitor. Try to review it. Note down the good, average, and bad points. This task might be tricky and time-consuming but is indeed worth the effort.

It is very crucial to know the weak points of your website to improve on those. While evaluating your website, you can consider the following points-

  • Page load speed should be optimum.
  • All the backlinks must be working properly and relevant.
  • Pages should be interlinked properly.
  • Site maps must be clear.
  • Update content if required.

#2. Create Keyword-Rich Quality Content

Image Source: Search Engine Land

Content is probably the most important factor that determines whether search engines and customers will find your website relevant. 

While content creation, make sure you not only focus on keywords but also on the quality of content, as both are equally important. You can consider the following points while content creation –

  • Content should be unique and relevant.
  • Think about incorporating some news or blog websites.
  • Update and review your content regularly.
  • Make sure you use appropriate words and phrases as per the hospitality niche.
  • Don’t forget to include content regarding every service your hospitality business provides.

#3. Use Your Locality

Image Source: Club Mahindra

Your locality might be a major reason behind why people would like to visit your hotel. Use your locality to advertise your hotel. Tell your customers how near your hotel is to any place of tourist attraction in your locality.

  • You can include these points in your content-
  • City maps that make it clear that your hotel is at the perfect place.
  • Distance from places of tourist interest.
  • Images of sceneries outside the window of hotel rooms.
  • You can also include the relevance of the tourist places in your locality.

#4. Earn Quality Links

Image Source: Shout Me Loud

Link building is quite a tricky task and might get complicated if not monitored regularly. There might be both positive and negative links to your website and impact your hotel SEO accordingly.

While you work on link building, make sure that you have your backlinks only at relevant and high-quality websites. Never fall for spam and paid links as they might be pointing to your website from inappropriate places as well!

Focus on earning high-quality links through your services and content. High-quality links appear on trusted and popular websites like Wikipedia. 

#5. Improve Your Services, Get Popular!

Image Source: Vector Stock

The main focus of any hospitality business should be on customer satisfaction. Advertising can bring new customers but your services will retain them.

There might be hundreds of hotels in a particular location but only a few are popular. They have gained this popularity through their services. 

Try to have more affordable prices and you can also put on a sale occasionally. Give complimentary gifts to your visitors. Stick strictly to hospitality principles and be caring and humble to your valuable guests.

Your services will get you good ratings and reviews on various social media platforms as well as on Google. Your good deeds will surely pay off!


Setting up a hospitality business is easier than getting valuable customers into it. Having a website for your hotel is not sufficient. It’s important to work on its SEO to make sure your hospitality business ranks higher on search engines and gets your customers to the right place!

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Arundhati Sensharma