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Optimizing Your Social Media With Promo Models

Any sensible business looking to get ahead in the internet era needs an effective social media presence. Given how much time is spent on the major platforms from Facebook to Pinterest, and how many people worldwide have gone social (a whopping 2.8 billion), social media represents a fertile space for marketing, eCommerce, and even research. But with so many companies competing for consumer attention, how can your business separate itself from the pack? That’s where optimizing your social media with promo models come in.

How Promo Models Help

Promotional models are individuals who bring charm, attractiveness, and charisma to whatever venture they’re hired for. This could be a trade show models, ad campaign models, event hosts, and much more. But social media is an area where promo models especially excel.

Social media is typically very people-focused, especially on Instagram and Snapchat. Although designers and artists have gained popularity on Instagram, much of what people want to see is people they look up to.

Instagram photos with faces get over 30% more engagements than ones without. That alone could be reason enough to include more face time in your social media advertising, but when the face is that of a promo model, engagements go up even more.

Keep in mind, this isn’t true across the board. Pinterest pins, for example, experience fewer repins and engagements when faces are visible. This might mean a focus on hiring promo models with an athletic build or even hand models who don’t need their face to be in the frame to be effective.

Know What You Want

Before finding promo models that will help in optimizing your social media, it’s important to start out with a plan.

The first thing to consider is what kind of social media presence your brand has and wants to have. If you’re open to an Instagram takeover (which we’ll cover later), or short videos from promo models as part of your ad campaign, you may need different individuals than those for a strictly photo-based campaign.

Keep in mind that some promo models may have varied skillsets. It’s important to inquire about English proficiency, efficiency in front of the camera, and people skills. Anyone of these could be a limiting factor in your work, and that’s something to determine before hiring, not after. If you’re hiring multiple promo models, it’s also important that they complement each other visually and with their personalities. Teamwork and the type of working relationship can make or break an ad campaign, especially a long term effort.

Finding Promo Talent

Finding promo models can be surprisingly straightforward. Instead of relying on job postings on various electronic job boards, or taping up flyers in your city, try utilizing a national staffing agency. These agencies come in different types and sizes: event staffing, trade show staffing agencies, actor registries… the list goes on. Typically, large national agencies will be your best bet, due to their all-purpose services.

National agencies offer you the most choices when it comes to whom you want to hire. They also will ideally be present in almost every part of the country, reducing the need to travel for a shoot, or paying the promo model extra to travel to you. This gives your company added flexibility when relocating or touring as well since you can work with the same company no matter where you go.

Additionally, most promo model staffing agencies are easily searchable or offer to consult to find you the exact right people for the job. Background checks and insurance are typically confirmed with every individual, so you can rest easy on the legal side of things.

Utilizing Promo Models

Say you’ve managed to acquire the right promotional talent for your social media. How do you best use their services to make your money reach the furthest?

The key here is to get creative and use your investment efficiently. First, know your audience and what kind of content they typically respond best to. If your followers tend to react better to videos than photos, capitalize on that and shoot a video with your promo models. If darker images receive more attention, make that happen.

Instagram or Snapchat takeovers are also a great idea. Let a promo model curate or post to your Instagram (or even just your Instagram story) for a day or a week and you’ll soon see the benefits. This can offer a fresh infusion of a different perspective to your brand’s page and potentially will earn you followers from your promo model’s social media accounts as well.

Plus, promo models are typically very adept at social media, know how to make themselves look good, and can probably teach you a thing or two about your own social media presence.

In Summary

Overall, promo models are one of the best and most cost-effective ways to make your social media stand out. By bringing some life into an otherwise dry marketing setting, promotional models can help you connect with today’s social media users. Adding the human element back into your brand’s social media presence is crucial.

By knowing what you want your social media strategy to look like with integrated promotional talent, you can save yourself the hassle of hiring unqualified people from the get-go. Try working with a promo staffing agency to streamline the hiring process and for added flexibility. 

Lastly, get creative with integrating promo models into your social media strategy. Promo models are more than just faces to look at; they can add personality and dynamism to your feed. Considering letting promo models do an account take over on Instagram, Snapchat, or Twitter, and you’ll enjoy the results.

We hope you found this helpful! For more articles like this one, check out the blog!

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Katherine Lutz