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How To Schedule Instagram Stories

Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms which helps individuals, industry experts, businesses, and influencers to engage with each other through images and videos to entertain, share knowledge, advertise or promote your business. 

Everything has become very convenient and easy to use with social media platforms like Instagram. And to make Instagram so popular and trendy, the biggest role is being played by stories. Yes, you heard it right, Instagram stories have changed the entire game of social media. It has made these platforms especially Instagram so trendy and rather a necessity that no one can resist. This feature has boosted the engagement and time spent by an average user on Instagram. 

So now, as we are aware that Instagram stories are so important, it is equally important to understand that what content you post on stories and the way you post is all that makes a difference. Not just that, it is equally essential that you post them at the right time to get maximum views and engagement. And to ensure that stories are posted regularly at right point of time, Buffalo Soldiers have brought to you a list of best tools that can help you schedule your Instagram stories in advance to avoid last-minute delays and errors.

So, here are the top 3 tools that can help you schedule your Instagram stories in advance and help you make the maximum impact you were looking for.


Hootsuite is one of the most premium and professional platform which helps you not just scheduling stories on social media platforms but also help you manage your social media accounts better through tracking and improving social ROI, analyzing SEO performance and much more. 

It offers 30 days free trial with every paid package to enable users to experience the services before paying for the same. It also makes scheduling posts and stories easier by following very simple steps as mentioned below:

  • Add your Instagram account on Hootsuite, social media management platform.
  • Compose your posts by selecting and editing the media files you want to post in your stories. 
  • Add hashtags, captions, and messages that you want to post along with your stories.
  • Click on Schedule for Later to schedule stories and select the date and time to post your stories.
  • Now, wait for your stories to be published on Instagram. 


Buffer is yet another amazing tool that helps you prepare and schedule your Instagram stories well before time. It is a very good practice as it saves a lot of time, spelling errors and the last minute hurry. It helps you add captions or message along with posts into the Instagram calendar to avoid last-minute caption hurries.

So to schedule Instagram stories through Buffer, follow these easy steps and you are ready to be the next Influencer:

  • Open the stories tab.
  • Select add to the story.
  • Add up to 10 media files to the calendar.
  • Rearrange your stories in the correct order to be posted.
  • Add relevant captions or messages that you wish to post along with media files.
  • Preview your story.
  • Select the date and time for each story to schedule them. 

Once you are done with these steps as mentioned above, you are good to go. Buffer will send you notifications and download your story at the scheduled time to enable you to post them by just clicking on the share button.


Later is one of the few platforms which caters only specific services and aims towards specialization. And one of such specialized services provided by Later in scheduling posts and stories to not just Instagram but also on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest as well. 

It offers both paid and unpaid packages with multiple and exclusive services to paid users. It helps you create a storyboard before you schedule any story because until and unless you are clear with your goal of what message you want to convey to your target audience you will not be able to execute it well. 

So once you are clear with your goal, Later helps you schedule your Instagram stories by 

  • Adding your photos and videos to Later’s Media Gallery. 
  • Click on stories button from the calendar view.
  • Drag and Drop your content on the Instagram scheduler.

And yes, you are ready. Now Later will send you notifications and download the scheduled stories on your devices at the time of posting and you can release the same at the click of a button.

So now sit back, relax and enjoy the hassle-free posting of stories and posts on Instagram with the Instagram scheduler. And don’t worry, if you still need any help, we at Buffalo Soldiers are here to help you schedule your stories.

To know more and get exciting updates, check out Buffalo Soldiers as we make your online presence easier.

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