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Establishing An Instagram Identity: Here’s How You Do It!

With over one billion active daily users, Instagram is the place to be for brands trying to establish their brand authority and personality.

There is no space for generics here. Without a strong presence, you will lose out on opportunities to connect, and other brands will beat you to the punchline.

Read on to find out nine ways to boost your presence on the platform, and take your brand game to the next level:

Hashtags are your Best Friend

Use relevant, quirky, and creative hashtags on your post, that is easy to remember. These may vary from campaign to campaign. This will help you reach a wider audience using a few catchy words. (Inset: Disney’s #ShareYourEars)

Take your product Out Of The Box

Think of thumb-stopping ways to showcase use of your products. You can try planning in advance and piggy-backing on upcoming events, by outlining content ideas around the event in advance. (Inset: Milano Cookies Oscars’ campaign)

The voices in my head (Read: Feed)

Establish a voice for your brand that is entirely your own, and make sure to use this voice consistently when creating and posting content on your profile.

Stranger, Who?

Make the happiness of your customers an important aspect of your brand identity. Humanize your brand; personalize content for your customers and showcase this on social media. This will further help you build genuine connections.

Authenticity over Perfection

Post authentic pictures of your product being used in real life, rather than an edited, unattainably beautiful version of it. This will make your brand seem approachable.

We’re all a little cuckoo

Don’t be afraid of taking risks, and create weird (but interesting) content and use it to develop running jokes and references for long-time customers. Make them feel like they are a part of the gag, and in the process, get laughs and a more loyal customer base out of it.

Totes Adorbs!

Do not take yourself too seriously. Use cute content, puns, and other creative techniques to sell yourself and your products.

Don’t chase Likes

Chase good content instead. The biggest mistake most brands make is trying to create likable content. The focus should be on making relatable, and brand-based content. Remember, Saves>Likes. Reshare>Likes.

Consistency is key

Your page is your face, and it needs to speak in a uniform language. Consistent color pallets, themes, and fonts will do wonders for any person who comes to your page.

Buffalo Soldiers Tip!

You can find relevant hashtags for your posts by exploring posts having similar themes, or through tools such as MetaHashtag or Hashtagify. When you’re trying to make them specifically for your brand, try to play around with words till something clicks.

If you’re still unsure of how to go about creating an Instagram Identity for your brand, you’ve got to look no further!

We’ve spent time perfecting our own social media games, and we can help do the same for you and your brand. Reach out to us today, and let’s get started on putting you on the Instagram Map!

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Kahni Kashiparekh