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How To Make Effective Videos For Social Media

Effective Videos For Social Media

Convinced about videos and adapting video marketing for your social media campaign?

Congratulations, you are on the right track and one step closer to establishing your authority in the market! 

With the increasing influence of videos globally, it’s high time that we use it to the maximum on every platform possible to drive maximum attraction.

To begin with, you should start with your social media and understand every aspect of videos and video marketing by using and implementing its results.

So, to publish videos on social media, let’s talk about the stages in video production which will help us develop the right video within the right time frame.

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To begin with, check out the 5 step process to create a base for every new concept to result in an amazing video.


  • Ideate

Ideation is the stage where the video concept is born. 

To get fresh and new ideas, every time you sit to make a new video, brainstorming sessions are of great help. They help listen to everyone’s point of view, discuss the latest trend, new themes and incorporate thousands of ideas that pop in.

Such discussions help you get a good idea of the video objective and direction. 

This phase helps you finalise the essence of what your video will convey and the storyline that runs around it.

  • Plan

Once the ideation phase is over and you have that perfect idea you were searching for, take a sigh of relief. Now that you know where your video is heading, it’s time to get your vision executed. 

From finalising the shooting location, budget, time frame, scenes to be shot, selecting the actors, informing the crew and ensuring the availability of equipment and props required for shooting the video – planning is an imperative process in video making. 

All such activities which comprise the pre-production work forms, part of the planning phase.

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  • Shooting

After finalising all the plans, it’s time to execute. Execution is the showtime for videos, no matter how short or long the video is, recording it with an adequate tonality is important. 

The definition of a good video is the one, which captures the right emotion and catches the audience eye at first glance.

So, work on the emotions to make your video a power pack of emotions that communicate the desired message. 

  • Edit

Editing enhances the beauty of any video. By chopping, trimming, sound mixing and applying themes and filters, editing roughens up the diamond to make it a desirable end product. 

So make sure you use the best software which provides advanced features to make your video seem professional and of a good production level. 

To get more insights about the best video editing softwares, check out top tools for video editing and add that pinch of spice to make your video amazing.

  • Share

Share, Share, Share! It is the last stage of video marketing where you officially release your videos on social media for your audience to enjoy and engage with.

So ensure that you release your videos at the peak timings across social media with the right set of captions and hashtags to make it trend like no other.

Also, if you have some time try to release some suspense related posts on social media, that can add buzz and excitement among your target audience. You’ve wrecked hard on your video. Give it the build-up it deserves. 

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So these are the 5 steps to creating effective videos for your social media. But if you lack the relevant skills or manpower to execute this on your own, worry not, we have 2 more attractive options to save your ship. 

Hire a Freelancer

If you lack the skill to edit or shoot your video then outsourcing is a good option. Hiring a freelancer will not just help you get the best finished product that you are looking for but will also fit in your budget effectively. 

So make the best out of freelancing service by outsourcing one of your functions which you are not good at rather than hiring a full-time employee and buying new softwares to get the work done.

Reach out to marketing agency

If you lack the manpower to execute the entire process, then reach out to a marketing agency. Having expert knowledge and the availability of professionals, marketing agencies will not just help you get the video ready but will also help guide your video idea to  more advanced levels.

It will help you save a lot of time and get the best of results. So what are you waiting for, start conceptualizing the idea for your video or visit Buffalo Soldiers Digital to get in touch with our video specialists! 

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