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How to Create a Social Media Marketing Plan From Scratch

Social Media has emerged as an important factor in marketing products and building a brand perception. A social media marketing strategy is a comprehensive plan of your social media campaigns and activities that you have decided to implement in a given period of time. It helps you make a calculative move and come closer to your goals. Not everything in life can be winged, especially your social media posts. Each and every social media plan serves a purpose and helps frame your digital landscape.

 The more comprehensive your social media plan, the easier it would be to execute. It is imperative for an organization to plan out their next move on social media in order to reap large benefits. If you’re wondering how to map out a social media marketing plan for your business, here’s a list to get you started:

1) Choose the platforms:

Before you set out to identify what activities to plan, it is necessary for you to define the social media channels, using which, they would be marketed. While choosing the platform, it is advisable for you to define your target audience and map out the available resources.

2) Update your brand identity:

After choosing the social media platforms, it is necessary for you to update your profile credentials and define the brand’s aesthetics. This is imperative to stand out and get noticed in the swarm of brands floating online. 

3) Map out your brand communication:

It is absolutely necessary to define the style and the tone that your brand stands for, in order to build a brand perception in the minds of the consumers. Before beginning the social media posting, it is advisable to decide your digital landscape in order to keep a unified brand communication.

4) Choose your social media creative:

What works for one, doesn’t work for another. The audience responsiveness to posts varies from niche to niche. While some brands stick to videos, the others stick to pictures. Define whether you’d want to stick to a combination of pictures or videos or just pictures alone, after all, it’s all a game of trial and error!

5) Take care of basic social media hygiene:

Digital marketing customer engagement has a lot to do with maintaining social media basics. Something as simple as adding a location or a hashtag can help broaden your brand’s horizons and increasing your engagement.

6) Decide the post timings:

Different social media channels have different algorithms. Your posting frequency would vary depending on your niche, industry, reach, resources and the kind of updates. Enlisted below are the ideal posting strategies for different social media channels:

  •       Facebook – Once or twice per day
  •       Instagram – Once or twice per day
  •       Instagram Stories – Eight to 16 Stories, twice per week
  •       Twitter – Three to ten times per day
  •       LinkedIn – Once or twice per day
  •       Pinterest – Five to ten times per day
  •       Snapchat – Five to 20 times per week

7) Analyze your performance:

It is imperative for you to set a benchmark for your performance in order to understand where you actually stand. It is ideal to check your performance and engagement after two to three weeks of sharing social media creative. By analyzing your statistics and engagement report, you can easily find out the average number of likes, shares, comments and the number of clicks per post, which will help you alter your social media plan.

 Remember to keep your social media plan concise and attainable, as no social media strategy is carved on a stone. It constantly changes and alters depending upon the social media trends and algorithms.  Therefore, don’t make a plan so lengthy and lofty that it becomes impossible to attain.

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