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How Digital Video Advertising Will Dominate The Next Decade

It doesn’t take rocket science to understand why video advertising is turning into the Weapon X in the world of digital marketing. The video product services has seen a world of changes since it came to existence. With continuous R&D, rapid innovations are being made every year in the video production technology. As the video production services industry is embracing and redefining itself with new technologies such as AR, VR, AI, 4K video production and drone & aerial shooting, the innovations seems boundless. From watching a video on VCDs & DVDs to Blu-rays and online video streaming (like Netflix, Amazon Prime etc.), we have come a long-long way.

Online video is without a doubt altering the way audiences engage with content, brands and ads. No matter if the business is small or large, every organization have started taking advantages of video advertising. Video has become the modern technique of communication and a way for small business and brands to reach their audience. The manner in which you conceptualize, create and disseminate your video ads have a huge impact on your marketing. The ability of a business to connect with its consumers through visual content might just form the basis of the relationship between your brand.

Video and the Modern Web

It is no longer an imagination that browsing the web space in today’s world is more or less like watching an infinite number of videos looped together on end. With the omnipresence of personal mobile devices and high-speed internet connections, the 21st century web is being driven by videos in such a way that two decades back it wouldn’t have even seemed possible. We have taken huge strides to reach where we are today, from watching videos only on YouTube to watching it in n-number of websites now. The whole web is being driven by videos in ways that earlier everyone thought it to be too unreal to even be remotely possible. Whether you unlock your cell phone or switch on your Smart TV or laptop, you can in no way escape video content, so you might just start embracing it.

The Spike in Digital Video Advertising Spending

The demand for video is insatiable. It is everywhere and businesses using video have been accelerating at the rate of knots. Business have come to the realization that overhauling of consumers to embrace and expect videos at every turn has many advantages to it. Videos are now so natural to the whole browsing experience of a consumer that the advertisers can now use it to engage with their audiences as if it was the content which they were looking for specifically. Digital video advertising now provides businesses to connect with the consumers on a far deeper level straight from the very beginning, by setting up a relationship and educating them visually in an attempt to curate the buying process. This has resulted in a spike in the digital video ad spending. Organizations are now splashing more and more resources to engage users with video ad content that is unique. The digital video advertising is a blueprint that works for a company, irrespective oi its type, size etc. It doesn’t really matter whether you are into B2C sales or B2B sales or whether you sell analogue or high-tech products, digital video advertising is something that is going to work for you.

Video Advertisements and Social Media: Destined For Each Other

For marketers, it seems like fate that social media usage patterns and digital video ads on their way to dominance in the online space bumped into each other. It was like hydrogen and oxygen coming together to form water, without which the very existence of life is unthinkable. Social media users have slowly become used to their feeds being loaded with videos, auto-playing from different sources. When the consumer is awaiting a video content from a person they are following, it hikes the chances of them engaging quickly and staying for the entire advertisement. Given the real strength of video advertising in the digital space is at the junction of personalization and engagement, then the different social media outlets are well-suited for optimizing it.

Video for us is a way of consuming entertainment and news. But for marketers, video these days is something that helps us decide what we are going to buy. Digital video advertising has the ability to instantly build a connection with the ones viewing it. The visual aspect of the web is here and it is here to stay for the long haul. It is now the time for marketers to welcome all the possibilities associated with video advertisements through a video production agency.

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