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7 Brands Creating Memorable Customer Experiences That Go Above And Beyond

Customer Experience

“Customer is the King”, we all are aware of the saying, and in today’s liberal and globalized world it seems to fit even better in the frame of business.

No matter what you deal in, ensuring a pleasing and happy customer experience is the key to success.

Unlike other methods and tactics to enhance your business position, a happy and satisfying customer experience brings the magic of word of mouth to reality.

Word of mouth is a great technique to make your business stand out but results best when your target customers make this happen.

To let us look at the top 7 brands in the market, who are building crazy credibility by winning their customers by ensuring a happy and delightful experience. 


Being the largest e-commerce platform around the world, Amazon has always prioritized customers over anything else.

By launching the customer loyalty program through Amazon prime, they ensured faster delivery, easy return, all types of products, and the use of drones to make processes even faster.

Amazon is competing with itself and trying to make the customer experience even better than the previous one and, this passion, to serve, and satisfy the customers have made it not just the first but the most obvious choice around the world.


The diversity and options offered by Netflix make it the most popular OTT platform over the internet.

With the series-specific social media pages, people are enjoying and engaging with the characters which were never possible before.

It has added to the customer delight like never before. One month free trial before opting for any subscription, Netflix offers space to its customers to enjoy all the services for free and then decide whether to subscribe for basic, premium, or luxury packs offered, by Netflix.

It also tracks your choice preferences from the web series and movies that you watch over Netflix and gives you recommendations that match your taste and preferences. 

These are some of the amazing services that add to the customer delight and make it their favorite OTT platform to watch.

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Source: Mcorp


Known for the world of fantasy, Disney is one of the most popular brands that make every person irrespective of their age, fall in love with the world of imagination. 

It makes the dream world come alive, and Disneyland is a classic example. Full of love and pampering as their intrinsic characteristics make everyone feel connected with the brand.

This trait and compassion to serve everyone has made Disney a brand that resides in the heart of every customer and makes them so popular that we witness today.


A well-known shoe brand that prioritizes service before shoes and every product they deal in makes them the first choice of every customer. 

An idea to serve customers and make their experience with the brand at its best is what makes it so popular among people.

They ensure that every customer that visits their store online or offline can easily make a purchase and cherish the overall experience. 

They also undertake a lot of customer-centric activities like calling customers for their feedback, replacing the products without additional shipping charges and many such activities, which makes customers feel important and hence creates brand loyalty.


A brand, redefining the cab service for customers globally, Uber has become the first choice for customers when it comes to cabs.

The secret behind so much popularity of Uber is its vision to serve the customers. By identifying the customer’s pain points, Uber is striving to resolve all such issues and coming up with new and additional services to make the cab ride, memorable experience for the customers. 

By offering credit card payment, expert drivers, rating facility and tapping your drive’s location has made it the first choice for the customers. 


Ikea, the leading furniture brand, aims towards enhancing their customer experience. 

By developing customized and easy to set up furniture at home, Ikea works towards solving the pain points of their customers.

To add to their comfort, Ikea has also launched the Ikea Place app which helps the customers to check which type of furniture looks good in their homes before buying and helps them in making the right choice.

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Source: Orchestrate

Fed Ex

FedEx, one of the largest courier companies with a wide range of global networks, has become so popular due to its mission to serve and connect people.

By delivering goods and services from one destination to another, FedEx is not just delivering goods but connecting people and sharing their value.

By valuing and laying significance to their customers, FedEx prioritizes relevance over frequency.

These values that they uphold to serve society has made FedEx what we know it today.

So these are some of the brands ruling their industry by creating a memorable customer experience that not just cherishes their mood but delights their overall experience. 

It makes them feel connected to the brand and adds up to brand credibility and reputation.

To know more about ways to enhance customer experience, visit Buffalo Soldiers Digital, for an amazing customer-friendly experience like no other.

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