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Cut, Action, Roll: Your 9 Style Guide To Art Of Video Marketing

Videos are a great way to narrate your brand, product or service as it is not only visually appealing but also has a great brand recall if done right! Can you recall the advertisements from your childhood days? If the answer is yes, then those marketeers have done something right. Video marketing can be a huge hit or miss and therefore it is important to know the styles and types of video making and when to use them. This also applies to social media video marketing, as a video for YouTube may not necessarily translate into success on Instagram. Knowing the difference and understanding when to use which format is key and hence keep experimenting!

Here are 9 styles of videos every marketer should know:

1.Live Action Video

Live action videos are about real people at real locations. It is a recording of either still or moving objects. This type of videos is normally used to showcase a person/spokesperson or used to highlight people in your workforce. These videos can be funny, informative, entertaining and even educational. Live action video is great for tutorials which creates an emotional bond with your viewers. The ‘How-To’ or educational type videos on YouTube are great examples of this style of video. Corporate welcoming video or an About Us series which helps to humanize brands creating authenticity and credibility with the viewers.

2. Animation Video

Animated videos are created with many still images which is rolled out together giving a visual illusion of movements. This style of video is great for low marketing budget as it requires no actors and is easier to depict a story with imaginary characters and other visual designs. Animated videos always appeal to the inner child of everyone. Animated videos come in three styles: 2D, 3D, and stop-motion. 2D animation is flat and comic/cartoon-like while 3D adds dimension and depth like most of the modern-day movies and games. Stop-motion animation is made by capturing individual frames of real-world objects. This style of video is best for promotional and explainer type videos to showcase details of your product or service and keep it engaging and entertaining.

3.Whiteboard Video

Whiteboard videos are great to crunch down on data-heavy content with means of thought bubbles, charts and diagrams to create an informative video. This style of video tells a creative story with pictures drawn on a whiteboard by artists who record their artistic process usually with a voice-over and makes it easy to get a good rhythm of alternating talking and writing to maximize viewer comprehension.

4.Motion Graphic Video

Unleash your creativity with this style of video. Motion graphic videos are a style of animation using text and shapes to communicate but don’t necessarily tell a
story. These are simple yet effective video format best used to convey complicated ideas in an efficient manner. This style works best to describe a product or service. If you wish to showcase complex data, motion graphic videos are a great way of getting the message across the board.

5.Typography Video

Typography video is an animation technique which blends movements and words by using moving text or kinetic typography to express ideas. It is best to represent ideas or a story visually as some people can respond with the written word. Quite literally, this is words in action as it can evoke sensations of sound and weight depending on the type of fonts used. Typography is a great method of creating a simple concept or feeling by cramming information in a short timeframe. Fast movement of texts is mostly used by videographers to highlight pace and interest in a product or service.

6.Screencast Video

Mostly used by technocrats and tech companies, a screencast is a digital recording of a computer screen and mostly contains a voice-over narration. This type of video effectively explains the working of certain applications. Using just text and imagery may not necessarily convey the message as stated in the above examples. Screencast video takes a viewer through the exact process in a simple manner.

7.Live Action Screencast

An amalgamation of screengrab as above with live video. This is mostly seen in various Youtube videos which are speech heavy and screencast videos break the monotony of boredom. Switching between live video and computer screen, keeps a viewer engaged and for marketers, it is cost-effective while harnessing both formats. Those in the education field or wishing to start a video tutorial, this is a great technique to add a bit of personality and keep the video content funny, engaging
and smart.

8.Live Streaming

If you’re not familiar with this, then you need to come out from under the rock. Best used on social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook, or on your
own website. Live streaming is an excellent way to bring your audience closer to your brand and gives an intimate experience. This technique works best when you have a large follower base on your social media handles.

9.Photo Montage

Photo Montage combines photos with music and voiceover to tell a story to connect at a deeper emotional level with your audience. This video style is normally used to showcase milestones or anniversary and celebrations. Social media posts that highlight a brand journey to creating a welcome video, taps into the emotional connect a viewer or consumer can have with your brand.
These are just some of the bare basics when entering the world of video marketing. Knowing which formats and channels you wish to focus on will guide towards the style of videos that can be created.
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