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How to Plan Your Video Content to Meet Your Goals & Reach Your Audience

Video marketing is in and video production companies in India know this. What is not done properly is the strategy to make video marketing for a brand successful. Video content has risen immensely in popularity and the use of video on a landing page can increase conversions by 86%. Ask a digital marketing guru and they will tell you that over 50% of consumers prefer video over other types of content. With rise in more video based social media platforms such as TikTok and IGVT in Instagram, videos will play a crucial role for brands to reach into their audience.

What is the objective of Video Content

Before you even commence on creating video content, plan your strategy first and decide on the objective. What do you wish to accomplish with this video? Once you know your objective, start to think about the type of video you will undertake. Depending on the final objective, your video will differ in form as different videos will have different effect on your audience.

Remember these three main objectives in your video:

Awareness: Not just to create a brand recall but also to entertain. Videos that entertain have a broader reach and promotes awareness activity by itself.

Engagement: You want your audience to take some action. Your video should inspire them to do so. When done properly, it will spark meaningful conversations, make them stop and think, or even sign up to your cause.

Educate: Your video should inform your audience, be it about your business, brand or products.

Types of Video:


Creating lifestyle video content is not about selling your product or brand, it is selling a way of life. Create aspiration for people to purchase the lifestyle they associate with that product. Think about how Nike and Adidas differ from each other, even though both the brands sell sportswear and fitness products.


Instructional videos are great for building recall, brand credibility and building the trust of your audience. Short videos showing DIYs and everyday hacks are ever popular. It can be showing people how to cook, how to pack a suitcase, how to fix a leak etc. gives your audience the opportunity to learn something. This education lends a certain validity to the business posting the content.

Behind the Scenes

Behind the scenes video content is useful to connect directly with your audience and makes your brand relatable. It humanises your brand by showing the people who work, the culture of the workplace and builds trust with your audience. It’s a simple way to build a network and the more raw and unedited the better.

User-Generated Content

User-generated content (UGC) is an effective way to engage with your audience. Who doesn’t like to be tagged or seen by a brand? Not only the person who has shared their content with your brand but other people also love it when they see a fan’s video content being shared by the official brand handle. It also develops a personal relationship between the person and your brand.


The ‘storytelling’ method should wind its way throughout all of your content marketing. Don’t tell your audience why your product is the best or who your company is, let them see it for themselves with a story.


Much like BTS, Live footage will humanize your brand. This footage is raw and unedited, showing honestly what is happening at that exact moment. This footage should be shown on a casual platform, like Instagram Story’s because is essentially a more intimate, less refined piece — and that’s where it gets its power from.

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