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How to Choose the Best Social Media Channels for Your Business

Social media is a saturated landscape with different channels to choose from. Each platform offers its unique benefits, and there’s no universal strategy for marketing them all. To have the best chance of reaching your target audience, you need to first identify your business’s needs and then find the right social media channels that align with those objectives. 

This article addresses some of the most common questions related to choosing the best social media channels for your business. It includes information on how they can be used as a marketing tool and tips on how to pick the right ones for your company.

Basics of social media marketing

The process of attracting and engaging prospective customers via social media channels is known as social media marketing. That encompasses everything from creating and promoting your company’s social media presence to acquiring new customers through social channels. The primary difference between social media marketing and other online marketing efforts is that social media marketing is inherently social. 

It’s designed to bring people together, which means there’s an added layer of engagement that can’t be ignored. Whether you’re marketing on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or another channel, your posts and campaigns should be designed to spark conversation. 

Another aspect of social media marketing is the extent to which you should or shouldn’t try to control the conversation. Ideally, any social media posts that you make should be designed to spark conversation. That doesn’t mean you should try to be an active part of it, though.

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Identify your business goals

Before diving into the different social media channels available to you, you need to first have a clear idea of your business goals. Knowing what you want to accomplish is essential to choosing the right social media platform. Start by asking yourself why you want to be on social media, in the first place. What do you hope to achieve? What do you want your company to stand for? What are you trying to communicate to your audience? 

Once you have a better grasp of the reasons behind your social media presence, you’ll be in a better position to choose the best social media channels for business. That’s because specific platforms are better suited for precise goals.

Which social media channels are best for your business?

The goal of this section is to help you understand how each channel can get used as a marketing tool and why you should choose each one. Let’s go through each of the major social media platforms and discuss how and why each can be useful for your business. We’ll also talk about the advantages and disadvantages associated with each medium.  

  • Facebook – Facebook is the world’s largest social network, with more than 2 billion monthly users. Thanks to its scale and the fact that it’s free to use, Facebook is arguably the most important social media channel.
  • Instagram – Instagram is a visual-focused social network that’s best known for its use of imagery. While it’s a lot like Facebook, it has a very different audience and different social norms. Instagram is ideal for building a visual brand, driving visual discovery (i.e., people discovering your products through images of them), and building an engaged and active audience.

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  • Twitter – Twitter has evolved quite a bit since it was first released and now has a wide variety of uses. That said, it’s best used to drive thought leadership, build brand awareness, and create a vocal community online. Twitter is a great channel to leverage if you have an established audience. It’s not the best place to start a new and active presence if you don’t.
  • LinkedIn – LinkedIn is a social network focusing on professional connections, job searching, and professional development. It’s a great social media channel if your business has anything to do with the business world. You can use LinkedIn to drive brand awareness, find new employees, and help employees and freelancers find work. Create original content and publish articles that are relevant to your target audience. You can also use LinkedIn to drive traffic to your website or create leads through email marketing campaigns.
  • YouTube – You can use YouTube for many things, but it’s best suited for video marketing campaigns and video content. YouTube is a great channel to use if you want to create original content or host webinars. You can also use YouTube’s live streaming feature to engage with your community in real time.
  • Pinterest – Pinterest is one of the best social media channels for visual content and marketing campaigns. It is ideal for building a visual brand and driving visual discovery.



Determine the types of content you’ll produce

Before you choose the best social media channels for your business, you also need to determine the types of content you’ll produce. That includes everything from the articles you publish on your website to the type of images you share on Instagram and the videos you post on YouTube. The types of content you produce are essential to choosing the precise social media channels. Some platforms are better for hosting certain types of content and visuals. 

  • Content – You can use these publishing platforms to create content related to your industry, product offerings, and more.
  • Images – Images are an essential part of social media marketing. They can be used to create visually engaging posts, host online events, and be used as part of your brand identity. Images are best used on image-focused social networks like Pinterest and Instagram.
  • Videos – Videos are a form of visual content that’s especially popular on social media. Many social networks let you upload videos and host live streaming events. You can use videos to host webinars and create educational content, among other things.

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Find out what your audience wants and likes

The best way to pick the best social media channels for your business is to know what your target audience wants and likes. You need to understand their pain points, where their interests lie, and what they’re currently looking for. That way, you can take advantage of those trending topics and connect with your audience in a meaningful way. Start by taking an in-depth look at your audience. Create a persona based on their demographics, interests, and preferences. Next, look at the channels your target audience is using and see which ones you should join.  

  • Facebook – With one of the biggest social platforms around, Facebook attracts a wide range of demographics, including people of all ages and genders. Use Facebook Insights to learn more about your audience. This tool shows you key insights, such as their demographics, interests, and what they’re clicking on. You can also run Facebook polls to better understand your audience.
  • Instagram – Instagram is primarily used by younger demographics, especially between the ages of 18 and 34. You can use Instagram’s Explore page to determine which types of posts are resonating with your audience.
  • Twitter – Twitter is used by a fairly even split between genders. It also has a broad range of demographics, including people of all ages and from all walks of life. Twitter is an extremely useful tool for monitoring trending hashtags. You can use hashtags to join conversations and start new ones with your audience.

And Therefore…

More than 59% of the world’s current population (4.09 Billion) is on social media. An average user spends nearly 2.5 hours a day on these apps scrolling, stalking, procrastinating, or getting inspired. It’s a tool that every single business needs to leverage immediately.

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