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An Introduction To Chatbot: The Future Of Customer Engagement

A chatbot is an application of Artificial Intelligence (AI)  which is widely used by brands and businesses to digitally market their product and enhance the process of customer engagement like never before and at an unexpected price. 

With the implication of chatbots by global brands like National Geography, Starbucks and Emirates to engage with their target audience, many other brands and businesses have started understanding the potential of chatbots delivering a very positive outcome and boosting their businesses.

This positive impact created by artificial intelligence is a new trend in the marketing industry and is here to stay.

AI Chatbot - Buffalo Soldiers Digital

Source: Latentview

To know more about the application of chatbots by global brands and how chatbots can be useful in digital marketing, check out the nine great examples of brands using chatbots at Buffalo Soldiers

With so much positive buzz all around about AI-powered chatbots, let’s revisit the features which have enabled these Chatbots to become so popular.

24/7 customer service

Chatbots is a good option when it comes to providing 24/7 customer service by any brand or business in today’s time.

Unlike human employees who require adequate rest and break intervals to perform a job, Chatbots being machinal processors can work round the clock with low maintenance cost.

It is of great help when the main objective of any brand or business is to serve its customers on a priority basis. To ensure instant replies are sent by the brands or business, whenever a customer has any query chatbot is the go-to option.

Such practices reduce the waiting time by the customers and make them feel important by your business. It ultimately results in a happy and satisfied customer and spreads positive word of mouth about your brand or business. 

Cleo - Buffalo Soldiers Digital

Source: Intercom

Personifies your brand

AI-enabled chatbots are flexible enough to engage with customers on multiple grounds as per their requirements. 

As per the need of the customer, Chatbots can become a technical expert resolving technicalities raised by the customer or becomes an account manager or a sales representative at the same time. 

The ability to change roles and cater to diverse needs of the target audience is a great way to engage with the customers and enhance their overall brand experience and thus personifies your brand and develop trust and credibility in the market. 

Personifies your brand - Buffalo Soldiers Digital

Source: MyClever

Simplify user journey

Chatbots ease the purchasing process for customers all the more simple, and convenient. 

By popping up on any of the product pages scrolled by the target customer, the chatbot helps to provide them additional information which target customers are keen to know. 

They also help in the easy order placement process and display promotional codes to get additional discounts by the target customers to cheer them up.

These small steps undertaken by the chatbot helps to build strong relations between your brand and customer and makes their customer journey a beautiful experience that also compels them to become loyal to your brand.

Simplify user journey - Buffalo Soldiers Digital

Source: Animaker

Seamless live chat with customers

An AI-enabled chatbot is programmed to interact in the natural dialect just like humans so that it gives the humanistic feel that the customer desires.

This up-gradation of technology has helped brands and businesses to perform live chat with customers on every online medium possible, such as website, mobile apps, Whatsapp and Facebook messenger.

This feature helps the customer to interact with the brand at their convenience and gives a feeling of human figure interacting with them through live conversations. 

Such experience helps to create a very positive impact on the target customer and helped to develop a positive image of your business in the market.

AILifeBot - Buffalo Soldiers Digital

Source: AILifeBot

Accelerates customers engagement

Chatbots are great at multitasking, unlike a human being, they can interact with thousands of customers simultaneously by ensuring that they deliver the most accurate answer to every question asked by the target audience.

The speed with which chatbots work is what makes them so trendy and relevant in today’s market. With the exposure to digitization on a global basis, everyone around the world has access to high-speed internet which has made every human so used to high-speed results that now, no one can wait for more than 10 seconds on a website to load.

Accelerates customers engagement - Buffalo Soldiers Digital

Source: GCN

Everyone is looking for quick and instant responses. And this emerging need for a timely response is the need of the hour which has made chatbots not just the future but also our present for accelerating customer engagements.

With so much detailed discussion about chatbots and customer engagement, we are sure that you have gained all the right knowledge and are all set to introduce chatbots in your businesses to engage with your target and potential customers.

Interested in chatbots? so are we! We at  Buffalo Soldiers love chatbots and have helped several organisations implement a chatbot on their social accounts and websites. Drop us a message and we can chat about it too!

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