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9 Great Examples Of How Brands Are Using Chatbots

Chatbots are a great representation of Artificial Intelligence (AI). Ever thought that they could be used by brand and business as a tool to market themselves?

If not yet, then glance through this article to understand how brands are winning the hearts of their target audience by giving that personal touch to understand and cater to every potential customer that interacts with the brand.

So, let’s get inspired by these brands and come out with interactive chatbot features for your brands and business and make the best out of chat marketing!


A coffee brand that we all love to have. But how many times do you avoid ordering your coffee because of the long queue at the order placement counter?

If you are the one, facing similar issues than Starbucks got you the perfect solution!

Download the Starbucks app on your phone, and place your order through voice or text message through the inbuilt chatbot application in the app. 

It is the new service offered by StarBucks, which is very helpful in saving the precious time of their customers by informing them about the exact time it will take to prepare their order and the total amount that it will cost.

This chatbot feature has helped Starbucks to improve their customer relations and helped them increase their customer rate at a much faster speed like never before.


Spotify has become the go-to music platform among all generations. The interactive services and recommendations based on the listener’s preferences have made it all the more popular. 

All this is made possible with the help of Facebook messenger bot by Spotify which interacts with the user by asking a couple of questions to understand their music taste and based on their answers suggest the song recommendations, to cheer up their mood.

This strategy to give suggestions based on moods of the listener through chatbots has helped Spotify create an impact which no other music application ever thought of and hence became the one-stop destination for all music lovers.

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World Health Organization (WHO)

The World Health Organization has played a very significant role in times of Covid19 is spreading the correct information and bursting the myths all round.

In times of pandemic, WHO has built a chatbot known as WHO Health Alert, which has helped this International organization, reach out to the masses through this chatbot. 

The WHO Health Alert uses WhatsApp as a platform to share information. It interacts with the user by sharing the correct information, remedies to protect themselves from the virus, travel advice as well as clarifying the myths regarding COVID19.

Pizza Hut

Pizza Hut is using chatbots to take orders from its customers in the easiest way possible. With the help of Chatbots, now customers can order pizzas from Facebook messenger or Twitter. These chatbots offer multiple options to customers to order their favorite pizza based on their recent choices and details of the latest offers, to compel them to place their order.

This chatbot strategy adopted by Pizza Hut has helped customers order delicious pizzas without any phone call or filling a form. This hassle-free way of ordering food in seconds has helped Pizza Hut becoming the first choice for many food lovers.

The Wall Street Journal

The wall street Journal chatbot is a great platform for all news lovers. This chatbot provides customized news alerts as per the reader’s preferences. 

It asks a few basic questions to the reader to identify their area of interest and on this basis provides the latest news and stock updates in their mobile devices.


Nike is one of the favourite sports brands among people, and with the launch of style bot by Nike, people have become crazier about this brand.

The style bot by Nike is a great application that gives you styling suggestions based on your footwear collection. 

So if you upload the photo of your favorite pair of shoes on style bot, it will suggest the type of clothing you should go for to enhance your entire look.

It has become an amazing feature of Nike that has not just helped people get a style assistant but has made Nike a brand stand apart from the rest.

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When display ads by all tourism industry players were working at an all-time low, Emirates introduced a conversational bot as an added feature of their display ads. 

This chatbot feature by Emirates has added value to customers by customizing the ads based on users’ previous search results. It has helped to answer all travel-related queries on a single page in a few seconds that has helped Emirates perform far better than their competitors. 

Whole Foods

Another remarkable solution in the food industry, Whole Foods, a supermarket chain, has come up with a chatbot service for everyone, who is looking for some healthier alternatives.

It can be easily accessible through Facebook messenger where users can get healthy recipes based on their preferred cuisines. This chatbot provides and healthy as well as organic recipe suggestions based on your dietary requirements and hence help the users solve the daily tension of deciding what to cook.


There are so many birthdays and anniversaries that we celebrate throughout the year. But every time you go to a party, do you face the dilemma of what to gift, and what not to?

Are you worried, whether your gift will be liked by the other person or not?

Well, if these are your worries before you plan to go for any party, then shout out loud!

The American department store, Nordstrom has come up with a solution for all your clueless worries.

They have come up with a chatbot which asks you some questions related to the recipient of the gift. And based on your answers, suggest the most appropriate gift which suits their personality and has a high probability that they will like it.

It is a unique solution in the gifting industry and has a long way to go.

So these are the 9, amazing examples of how brands are using Chatbots across industries by easing the way customer interacts and hence reaching out to a larger chunk of the audience like no other.

Now, it’s time that you get inspired by these great examples and get a chatbot in your brand to redefine the marketing strategies and become the best in the market.

For more such insights, visit Buffalo Soldiers, your favourite destination for all digital solutions.

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