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9 Applications Of Artificial Intelligence In Digital Marketing

We all have seen and visualized our future with robotics in films and web series which has now become a reality to a greater extent, with the advancement of technology and development of artificial intelligence, all our dreams have started becoming true.

Artificial Intelligence or AI has created its influence in every sector, be it digital marketing, finance, banking, transport, security, healthcare, e-commerce, and many more. And especially when we talk from the perspective of a marketer, it becomes all the more useful tool. It helps to analyze and process tons of digital data in seconds,  enhances human efficiency, and prevents unnecessary human activity. It is a blessing in today’s time when humans have so many duties and limited time to cater to everyone’s needs with the desired response. 

So to gain a better insight about the application of AI in digital marketing, check out the following results below:

Online Advertising

Online Advertising is a very important part of digital marketing where efforts are being made by the marketer to create a brand image for businesses it caters too.

Initially, it used to demand a lot of time and energy to research the platforms and undertake need mapping analysis of the business before ideating the campaign to be launched. But now with the help of AI, all these valuable resources are saved. 

Nowadays programmatic advertising is used which is run with the help of AI to facilitate buying and selling of ad spaces and undertakes intense research to help the marketer decide the right platform to be used for promotion and online advertising. 

Personalized User Experience

Personalization is the key to successful digital marketing and with AI it becomes all the more easy and convenient for the marketer to personalize every campaign on social media and online platforms.

AI helps in building relationships with customers and maintains a track record of users online, their likes and dislike, taste and preferences, demographics and geographies. They are very helpful in guiding the marketer to design campaigns with a proper balance of promotion and personalisation and hence leads to greater positive sales conversions.

AI-powered Chatbots

AI-powered Chatbots are much better than standard chatbots with a greater degree of personalization. They have a feature to address multiple queries at a time in a personalised and human-friendly tone.

They are great at personalisation and create a great influence on humans. They don’t get short-tempered and there automated personalised response leads to a positive sales conversion in no time.

Predictive Analysis

Being highly sophisticated and technologically advanced, AI is very good at crushing numbers and performing statistical analysis. This feature enables it to predict the future behaviour of customers by studying and analyzing past activities and behaviour of the customers.

It helps to predict the future aspirations of people and help marketers in designing the tagline and marketing campaign keeping in mind the future predictions to give a personalized experience to the target audience.

Web Designing

Websites have become a necessity in today’s era of digitization and are considered a vital sign of online presence. Despite having so much relevance, it’s not easy to design a website without a deep and constructive knowledge of software like CSS, HTML or JavaScript.

But thanks to AI that it is now possible that even a layman with a basic knowledge of computers can create a website easily by feeding the content, images, page layout and call to action buttons. And digital leaders like Facebook and Google are offering free AI services like Wit.ai and Dialogflow to create websites.

Email Marketing

Auto-generated emails is a new trend nowadays and with the personalization effect that it caters, it becomes all the more tempting for the users.

Thanks to the introduction of AI which analyzes thousands of data to create the apt content for the auto-generated emails that we get these days and is contributing towards positive conversions at a much faster pace than ever before.

Content Creation & Curation

Content is the essence of marketing and requires a lot of effort to create and curate fresh and relatable data every time to keep the audience engaging. And AI is coming up as a great help in this domain.

Tools like Wordsmith, Quill are some examples that create content by analyzing multiple contents already available over the internet and is used extensively by popular publications like Forbes to create personalised human-like content for the target audience based on their interest and recommends content based on user preferences. 

Voice Search Optimization

1 in every 4 mobile searches is a voice search, which highlights the emerging popularity of voice search. So make sure your website is voice-search enabled or use Google’s Rankbrain to optimise your voice search on the website and increase organic traffic on your website.


AI has enhanced the user experience of both the seller and consumer of e-commerce businesses. By analyzing market demand and competitors analysis it helps sellers in better forecasting their business opportunities and uses AI to promote their business in personalised ways.

For the consumers too, AI is a blessing which provides product/ service recommendations as per their taste and preferences in the most personalised format to ensure a positive conversion.

These are some of the best tips and tricks that can be used to enhance your digital presence and reach out to Buffalo Soldiers for more such exciting content!

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Madhuli Trivedi