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7 Key Digital Marketing Trends For 2022

digital marketing trends

2022 has been a year to remember. With so much trouble coming together, it has helped people to adapt like never before.

All those who had millions of excuses to stay offline and away from the digital world are now so used to an online presence that they can’t stop themselves from using it.

Parents who scolded their children for using mobile phones buy the same for their kids.

With an increase in the digital footprint, we must understand the upcoming digital marketing trends in 2022.

This is a great opportunity to discover and get ourselves ready to implement these trends in the current year to create the most engaging and viral content over the internet.

digital marketing trends

Creating E-Commerce on social media

With the beginning of a new decade, online shopping trends have also taken a different mode.

Now people are more prone to using social media, such as Instagram and Facebook, to make a purchase rather than visiting the e-commerce website.

With the onset of these new customer needs, social media has launched new features that help the audience make a purchase directly by clicking on the social post while scrolling the platform.

This is the latest trend that is here to stay.

Interactive Content

Content is the new king! 

The definition of content has changed a million times in the last few years, and this time we have interactive content as the trend for 2022.

Interactive content is a blend of information and entertainment. It talks about content that adds value to the viewers in an entertaining way.

It also highlights the use of more graphics and minimalist techniques while creating content. As people are no longer interested in reading stuff, they prefer grabbing information by looking at the visuals.

This concept of interactive content opens up room for creative thinkers and visual thinking skills to take over and rule the year 2022.

More of videos

Videos are here to stay!

The increasing passion for videos has now left not even a single social media platform away from it.

Be Instagram, which was meant only for photos, is now more trendy for reels and IGTV.

After the blockbuster success of TIKTOK as an entertaining video platform, many new local platforms have popped up, which are becoming popular in no time.

With so many live examples, that capture the power of videos, Let us dedicate this year of 2022 to creating some great videos and being a part of this positive trend.

Local SEO is on boom

The global pandemic has given a boost to a lot of local businesses in individual countries in 2022. 

And this has resulted in increased use of local SEO. It has become a very formidable tool that has helped people realize that it is crucial to target the local audience more than targeting a top-ranking position over search engines.

This change in the thought process of the people to drive their resources and energy towards local factors has resulted in better output than before.

So, continue updating your business over local listings and stay updated with local SEO updates to generate more customer-centric leads for your business even in 2022.

Chatbots are here to stay

Just like the website has become the most basic symbol of any business’s online presence. Similarly, chatbots have become an integral part of every website nowadays. 

Customers are more prone to using the services of a chatbot to get the information they are looking for over a website rather than switching the tabs to get the same.

It has added more convincing to the users and has become a vital element of UX/UI. 

So continue using chatbots for another year to reap benefits and achieve your targets for the most customer-friendly approach.

Voice search is the new normal

Emerging trends for voice-based SEO signify the increasing number of voice searches across the internet.

As more and more people are using the internet, from elderly and young age groups shifting to a convenient mode of information input – voice searches have become a tool of wonder. 

This feature has helped many to adapt to this digital divide. Hence it is essential to pay attention and enable voice search options on every possible platform to enhance the customer experience.

Customer segmentation is essential

A wide variety of people are using the internet, and this very trend has generated the need for customer segmentation. 

As people from different age groups, demographics, and intellectual abilities are consuming similar content online, designing separate campaigns to target each of these segments is the need of the hour.

Rather than using a single campaign to target the general audience, breaking the campaign into multiple campaigns will help you target each of your customer segments better.

It will lead to better results and higher conversion. So you need to shift from the general audience to segmentation, and you are all set to make a difference.

And Therefore…

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