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3 Predictions For IG Shopping And The Future Of E-commerce On Instagram

With more than half the population of the world engaged on Instagram every day, every hour and every second of their lives, the platform is becoming a popular place for buyers and shoppers. This makes one wonder about the future of IG shopping and how Instagram is transforming the e-commerce industry.

Digital marketing is showcasing your products and services online in order to maximize your online presence and reach out to your target audience. Digital marketing enables businesses to turn those page visits into actual sales.

The digital emergence of social and grip of social media, from Facebook to Instagram, the entire digital marketing game has changed.

One of the most important and loved applications by digital marketers and consumers alike is Instagram. The platform provides a window of opportunity, pun intended, to display creativity. Add ons to Instagram such as IGTv and product catalog features are some of the features a digital marketer should take advantage of.

Here are some predictions that Instagram can have on e-commerce:

1. Great opportunities for SMEs

Even if they don’t buy from you, they’ll follow you! These days, everybody is almost always online. If you are a small company and you don’t have enough business, making your products available online always helps. Instagram is one of the easiest and the best way for online marketing as it is free and also popular.

2. IG Shopping across borders

Instagram is one such app that is being used across the world. Today, Instagram has become one of the biggest apps amongst the youth. Every 3 out of 4 youngsters use it, and it is one of the biggest market-places for brands and various other companies. IG Shopping will surely help to get a bigger market, as it is entertaining as well as fun to shop.

3. Likes over quality

The popularity of social media is based on likes and comments. If the product or the company has the capacity of getting viral, it will certainly help in the sale of the product and the growth of the seller. With the emergence of several digital marketing agencies, the promotion in social media has become interesting and creative. A Digital Marketing company can help you get likes in no time, and before you know it, you can shoot to a million followers, that is only if you are good or “Instagrammable”.

Future of E-commerce in India

One that rules over the eyes conquers the mind. E-Commerce is a process of doing business in the world of internet. Even if the store is closed, a seller can still sell his/her product in the open market or even a bigger market. The main difference between any store and online store is that the online store can go through places, from the village to the suburban to urban and nouveau riche. Today, right from groceries to automobile spare parts to clothing, even jobs, study material, et cetera; everything is available on the Internet. And people are cashing in through the businesses on E-Commerce.

Also one of the most important features of E-Commerce is that it is growing on a daily basis, and it is creating more and more jobs per hour. Job opportunities like Digital Marketing Executives, Social Marketing Managers, Bloggers, et cetera are some of the new designation created to address the growing digital space. The Future is Digital.

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