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10 Important Instagram Stats Marketers Need to Know in 2020

Instagram Stats

Hey, aren’t you mesmerized with how Instagram has grown through the years?

What initially started as a social engagement platform to just share pictures and memorable moments has now become a hub for digital marketing and influencers across the world.

From every new brand to age-old celebrated brands, everyone has realized the power of Instagram and has an account on Instagram to engage with their audience.

With so much engagement and interaction happening over Instagram, let us take a tour of the top 10 Instagram statistics that will help you understand and implement Instagram strategies in 2021 even better.

Instagram is getting younger

With increasing craze among all age groups to switch to Instagram as a social networking platform, Instagram is becoming younger and younger.

Instagram Users - Buffalo Soldiers Digital

Source: SproutSocial

As per global Instagram users, the largest segment belongs to the age group of 18-24 years, and more than half of the Instagram users are below the age of 34 years.

It means that Instagram has a very bright future for every business that targets these age groups as their potential audience. 

USA, India, and Brazil lead the platform

The influence of Instagram is increasing throughout the world but the USA, India, and Brazil lead the race with a maximum number of active users who interact with this platform daily.

It opens a lot of opportunities for brands, businesses, and marketers, especially, from these three countries to market their products and spread awareness among youth through Instagram as a networking platform.

It is the 2nd largest social media platform where people log in

With increasing screen time by users on an average, it has been observed that Instagram has secured the position of the second-largest social media platform.

This global ranking is in itself is evidence of the increasing popularity among people across the globe.

Hence every brand and business that aims to target such a global audience should realize the significance of Instagram and use it to the best potential to get results. 

Instagram takes more than 50 minutes from your daily routine

What initially started as an image sharing platform has undergone a drastic transformation such that every Instagram user spend 53 minutes on an average over Instagram daily.

This highlights the interactive and engaging ability of the platform that is not just leisure for the user but is also adding value to their lives, every day.

Instagram has become the lifeline for many

Just like air and water, people have become so addicted to Instagram that everyone from a common man to a sportsperson, every second person is using this platform.

The increasing number of followers on Instagram, sharing live videos and day to day activities over the platform has become so common that now people have become compulsive users of the gram.

Instagram is leading the Influencer marketing

Influencer marketing has gained momentum with Instagram. 

In fact, it has become a powerful, effective, and popular marketing strategy that every brand is using nowadays.

Instagram has added to the effectiveness of Influencer marketing such that, it has now become a sole source of income for many marketers.

So grab on the Influencer marketing strategy for your business and make it a brand that people desire to be associated with.

Instagram has become the new product search engine

We all have heard of Google as a search engine, but have you ever encountered a product search engine?

Well, the answer is yes, whether you have noticed or not, before making any purchase be it clothing, jewelry, home decor, or anything else you tend to visit Instagram and search for options available. 

Don’t you take the screenshots of products you like the most and refer it to the seller when you visit the market to buy it?

This is a classic example of how most of us are consciously and subconsciously using Instagram for product searches, and hence it has become our go-to platform like Google. 

Instagram Game - Buffalo Soldiers Digital

Source: Soravjain

Instagram is not just the present but also the future of marketing

In the last five years, the growth of Instagram as a platform has been remarkable. From being just a photo-sharing platform to introducing the stories, IGTV, reels, e-commerce, and shopping features, Instagram has become a holistic platform where all sorts of activities can be performed without changing tabs.

With such immense growth, Instagram is offering huge potential for marketers to explore and come up with never seen before campaigns which are going super viral over the internet.

Instagram ads are an emerging investment option

As per the studies, the amount spent on Instagram ads, Facebook ads, and Google ads by marketers across the world, the benefits reaped by Instagram is the maximum in comparison to Facebook ads and Google ads.

Hence an upward movement has been witnessed in the ad spent over Instagram. This highlights the potential and effectiveness of Instagram ads.

So, if you are looking to expand your business and aim for an increase in sales, then Instagram ads shine as a viable option to explore.

Stories are the showstopper on Instagram

Instagram stories are the rulers of social media across the world. It has been observed that the majority of Instagram users spend most of their time viewing Instagram stories.

It is the most rapid and enjoyable part of Instagram. Not just that, the maximum revenue, which is generated from Instagram ads, comes from stories. 

Hence, it must be a prerequisite for every business to hold a presence over Instagram to exploit this feature to the greatest potential to be part of the showstopper category!

These are the top 10 Instagram stats that will help you make the best-informed decisions as a marketer for 2021.

For more such exciting updates, visit us at Buffalo Soldiers Digital, your ultimate destination for all marketing guidance. 

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