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What Is The Latest Google SEO Update?

latest Google SEO update

Are you not able to rank your website despite several attempts?

Well, it’s not as easy as it might seem. Search Engine Optimisation plays a crucial role in ranking every website on Google.

In simple terms, multiple factors define and contribute in different ways to help your website stand out and rank on Google.

So to make this happen, some important steps that most of us tend to ignore the need to be followed. To ensure that it is being implemented, you have to stay updated with all the latest features that Google launches periodically to enhance the practice of SEO.

Google Algorithm Updates - Buffalo Soldiers Digital

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In this article, we will discuss the top trends that Google has launched recently, in May 2020 as core updates and its implications to keep your SEO practice up to date.

So sit back and understand these three amazing features and how can you make their best use to rank your website on top.

Update your website content frequently

Updating and refreshing your website content regularly is key.

It acts as fresh content and helps Google give it a higher preference over already existing websites and content.

As per the latest Google SEO update, more than 70% of websites which have updated their existing content on the website regularly, have performed at least 10% better than other websites on ranking parameters. 

By frequently updating the existing content, it makes your website more user friendly and relevant enough for the user to come and add value to themselves.

The following practices can be counted as a part of content upgradation:

  • Adding images, gifs, and videos that are relevant to make the content interesting and easier to understand. 
  • Removing irrelevant information and rephrasing the existing content whenever required for better clarity.
  • Avoid creating content that is very specific to some particular date or year, rather adopt a holistic approach that remains relevant throughout. 
  • Ensure that your website content is full of insights and impart complete knowledge in one go rather than touching upon a few topics only.

This practice adds to the convenience of the users and hence helps to solve the purpose of Google SEO.

Google Algorithm - Buffalo Soldiers Digital

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Thin Content is the issue

Thin content refers to less amount of information expressed in words than expected to get ranked on google.

To solve this problem, you must research your competitors that are ranking on Google and understand the number of words they are using on their website.

This information will help you get a better idea of the average number of words you can use to get a better ranking over Google.

So, by adding content, we mean that you should add meaningful data and information that adds value to your target audience and helps them answer all their queries easily. 

This process will add to the convince of the target audience and hence will help you to get more traffic and engagement at a faster pace than before.

However, at times it might happen that you may not be able to add more words in your content bucket list on particular pages like about us or contact us pages. 

In such circumstances, try to make the best use of other pages that talk about your services or impact that you have created and made the most out of inbound and outbound links for adding additional content on your website. 

Avoid repetitive use of meta tags

Generally, while updating content over the website, people tend to copy-paste already existing title tags and meta tags quite often.

This practice can act as a threat to all your efforts. As Google does not read and prefers ranking repetitive content over google because this practice can degrade the customer experience. 

So try to avoid excessive repetition of meta tags and title tags. Come up with relevant keywords that are SEO friendly and catchy enough for Google to prefer it over others.

These are some of the most relevant techniques and tips that you should adopt to not only get a better ranking on Google but also enhance the overall user experience when they visit your website.

This is the ultimate goal of google SEO updates that customers experience is our first priority. 

So switch your focus towards enhancing the customer experience, and you will be all set to achieve the best ranking with the right approach for your website.

For more such exciting and interesting updates, visit us at Buffalo Soldiers Digital for an amazing customer experience like no other.

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