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Top 7 Strategies to Build a Global Brand

You know what’s common between religion, political parties, and fandoms? No matter what the situation is if any of them are ever being questioned there will always be people ready to defend them to death. However, an age-old question yet again arises – how to build a brand strategy? Of course, people choose to defend different things based on what they do or do not agree with. Some might go over the board for their favorite Marvel movie, some may be the right amount of passionate for their favorite leader, and others for a favorite football team.  However, what’s interesting is, there are many who would go to lengths to defend their favorite brands. Someone defending a brand? Like a brand of clothes? Or their favorite kitchenware brand? That seems a little exaggerated. After all, we would never imagine people getting into heated debates over whether Samsung is better or Apple – I will take that back. The point is that you might choose not to loudly defend your choice of a brand on a day-to-day basis but continue to silently support and fight for it without even realizing it.

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Emotions Encapsulate Brand Values

Remember walking into that store after getting your first salary? You were presented with two perfect choices. Choice one- A pair of shoes that had more or less all the qualities you were looking for and were even under your budget range. Choice two- Those Nike sneakers that were way over your budget and had no practical use at the time. Chances are you walked out of the store with Nike shoes. The brand and the product can obviously differ but there is no denying that we have all found ourselves in similar situations. When you have associated a brand with a particular image, a status, or even a feeling you will most likely stick to it. Whether it be a positive response or negative, the chances of changing it will be pretty slim. This response is what most brands work on developing. Once they’ve built the perfect positive image, you are locked in to be their loyal customer and are automatically defending them through your actions and purchases. Of course, building the perfect persona that makes customers loyal to you, doesn’t come easy and that is where marketing and branding come in. That is where we come in. Today we will talk about how to build a brand strategy to turn your brand into a global one through some easy steps.

#1 Being Expressive:

Identify what your brand stands for. What would you like to communicate to people? Make sure it relates to what your products are and what you want your customers to associate you with. Once that is done, don’t be afraid to express it, not only to your customers but also to the world around you.

#2 Think Big, Act Small:

A step that many strategic branding companies employ. Focus more on tactical marketing in specific localities or regions. This will help you identify your initial market which will further be the foundation of your brand. You can pick up from here and keep expanding. This way you also get to test out strategies without putting all your money in one place.

#3 Invest Smartly:

Our aim is to raise global brand awareness but what also needs to be prioritized is the smart investment of resources in efforts that will maximize the results. Investing in low-cost marketing areas such as SEO and social media are fool-proof techniques that help raise brand awareness.

#4 Be Socially Responsible:

Owning a brand is not just about reaping its benefits. When you own something big, something that has the chance to become a potential platform, it automatically becomes a responsibility to talk about bigger matters. Do your research on socially relevant issues that could use your help, think about how your brand could take a stance, and let the world know your brand could be the voice they relate to.

#5 Talk About Your Journey:

From the inception to the very point you have reached at now, document it all. Talk about your hardships, your learnings, talk about your employees. How their help has brought you so far. Use articles and blogs, even film campaigns to get the right amount of traction. Circulate your journey in all forms of media to let the audience interact with your content as much as possible.

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#6 Track And Optimize:

Track all the steps your brand takes. Keep a thorough check on how certain steps affect your progress, whether it’s good or bad, and optimize accordingly. Strategic branding companies let you know what platforms or strategies show the best results in raising your brand awareness, create an action strategy including those and use them to your benefit. Repeat this tirelessly, eliminating what doesn’t work each time, and you are golden.

#7 Testimonials Are The Way To Go:

The way to let people know you are good is by presenting them with proof. 

And Therefore…

Ever been to a local market? You must have come across food stalls all selling the same types of fast food, however, one of them could be excessively crowded while others might be struggling to get an audience. In such situations, you would subconsciously find yourself getting attracted to the stall with a larger audience. Such is the power of proof. Repurpose your proof smartly. Get your loyal customer base to send out as many positive reviews as possible, document and film them as convincingly as you can and put them out for the world to see. All said and done, of course, a Marvel doesn’t become a marvel overnight. An Apple doesn’t get people to give up their life savings to own one of their products in the course of a day and a Shahrukh Khan doesn’t get people to get this name tattooed in a single go either. It is important to take the needed steps in the correct direction but it is also equally important to give your brand time to grow. We also understand your aim might not be to become the next Apple or IBM so here’s us wishing you luck so that you can become the next best you. Hopefully, after going through this blog you have a good idea about how to build a brand strategy. We are Buffalo Soldiers – a branding agency in India, and we are primarily a full-service creative agency. Apart from winning awards for our work in the marketing and film production segment, our team of experts has the ability to provide you and your brand with the right tools to set itself apart. It doesn’t matter to us where you are on in your journey of building a brand, we have the skillset to ensure that you get exactly what you want and how you want.  Contact us – we provide free consultation and will help you curate a marketing plan for your brand.


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