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Retargeting Strategies That Never Fail

Have you ever seen a potential customer visiting your page and leaving it after getting some information about your product? Retargeting is the way by which you can target ads on people based on the searches they have made and the number of times they have visited your page. Want to know more? Read on!

What is Retargeting and how it works?

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Ever wondered how magical it would have been if your audience could become your customers by just a single visit to your site? Sadly, that’s next to possible in today’s competitive world. This is where the concept of retargeting comes into existence. 

Retargeting in simple words is targeting your ads to specific people who seem to be interested in your product. You know that a person is interested in your product by their internet activity and the time they have spent viewing your product. 

By retargeting your ads you remind the viewers that they wanted to buy your product lately. This recaptures the viewers’ interest in your product and they are more likely to buy your product by clicking on those ads. 

Benefits Of Ad Retargeting

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Retargeting Strategies That Never Fail

#1. Focus Where The Visitor Bounced From Your Site

Your website may get various types of visitors who might be interested in different elements of your website. 

For example, someone might have visited your site only for reading your blogs and not for buying your product while another one might have seen your product and its pricing.

What you need to understand here is that both of them are in different stages of becoming your customers and hence, they should be shown different ads, focusing on introducing your products and bringing them to the checkout page respectively. 

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#2. Offer Things Relevant To Your Potential Buyers

There are many things that you can offer your potential customer upon their purchase from your site. But, not every person is interested in any one specific offer. 

For example, for some people, a 20% discount on a product might be something they have been looking for for a long time while some other person might be interested in having some extra stuff free with their purchase. 

As the likes and dislikes of people change, so should the offers on retargeted ads. The sooner you realize this, the more profit you gain from it.

#3. Retarget Your Previous And Existing Customers

The relationship between a seller and buyer should not end with just a few purchases. It should be a lifelong journey together.

You can retarget your existing customers by showing them ads that they might love to use with the products they have purchased earlier.

For the customers who have abandoned your site after purchasing a few items, you can show them ads that improve the trustworthiness of your site and show them that your products have improved and are liked by people around them.

#4. Frequency

The number of times a person is retargeted with an ad in a day affects his chances of becoming your customer. 

While it is good to be frequent, we won’t recommend you to be more frequent than 3-4 times in a day as it might annoy your potential customers. 

It can also make them suspicious of a data breach and they might also report your ads as spam. 

#5. Use Your Retargeted Ads As Lead Generating Magnets

Leads are important for converting a site visitor into a customer through the sales funnel. Retarget your ads in a way that offers the viewers something that educates them in exchange for their email leads.

You can retarget a visitor by offering them free guides or demo videos related to the subject they are interested in (you know it by the posts and places they have been on your site) in exchange for their email ids.

This way, you generate leads for further marketing and make a positive impression on being helpful and supportive. 


Retargeting might be confusing and sometimes even discouraging when you do it in the wrong way. There are people out there who want to buy your product for a long time but have been unable to do so for various reasons. By retargeting, you reach those potential buyers and give them enough reasons to buy your product. That’s all!

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