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Infographic Cheat Sheet: 2018 Social Media Images And Video Sizes

Hitting the right notes on Social Media is the first gateway to creating an engaging and loyal consumer base. With the ever-decreasing attention spans, the first impression on social media lasts long, really long. The dimension of images and videos need to do justice to the quality design, graphics and editorial content you produce for your social media fans.

Every year, makeawebsitehub.com comes up with an updated cheat sheet sizes of images and videos for various social media platforms. Not only does this include the most popular platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn and Pinterest, it also includes the more recent ones such as SnapChat, Weibo and WeChat.

Here’s the infographic to get will help you started on Social Media:

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Sumant Chawla
Co-founder and head of design. You will always find him on his seat, working, not even lifting his head all day long. But, once night emerges, his inner Punjabi bursts out its shell. He also has a tendency to give our cute stationary. A true master for everything that pertains to design.