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Increase Your Website Visibility

In the digitally globalized world of today, where the internet is the lifeline for all of us. New websites are coming up every second and to ensure a good ranking and visibility on search engines like Google there is stiff competition between more than a trillion websites to secure a placement in search results. To achieve this target, it demands a lot of hard work and challenges but doesn’t worry it is achievable! 

To make this happen, it is necessary that you possess a sound knowledge of SEO or Search Engine Optimisation or a sound team of marketing experts who can help you achieve a top ranking in a span of time. But worry not, if you don’t have a marketing team to assist you, we at Buffalo Soldiers are ever ready to help you achieve all your targets with our SEO experts.

So following is the list of top 4 indicators you can work upon to improve your website visibility:

Register your site with Google Search Console

Google Search Console is a free service offered by Google which helps google identify your website and enables it to display it in the search results. But to make this happen, it is essential that you register your website and site map with Google Console.

 This will enable you to access all types of services available by analyzing all the activities on your website and highlighting the following:

  • Crawl errors if any on your website
  • Showcasing the updated content if you have posted something new on your website
  • Highlighting different search queries that drive traffic on your website
  • Identifying sources who are linking your website externally

These are a few features provided by Google Search Console. However, if you wish to learn more about this console and its features, check out their explainer video and help guide for better results.

Use Google My Business

People have become more used to google maps and directions to search a brand or business nowadays which has created Google My Business a necessary feature of every business whether big or small. But to utilize this service offered by google better, it is important that you register your business with correct address details with Google My Business. 

Once you register, a postcard with a pin to your business address will be sent by Google for verification.  After verifying the physical presence of your business, Google will showcase your business in relevant geographic locations to drive higher traffic to your business.

Since the majority of customers rely on Google My Business before any website listing, so it becomes all the more important that correct timings, locations, and offers are being updated from time to time on Google My Business to avoid any inconvenience to the customers and enhance their experience. 

Buffalo Soldiers TIP: Convince your happy customers to rate and review your business online to add the much-needed cherry on your cake which will increase the click-through rate on your website along with multiple positive effects.

Optimize your Website Speed

When times are changing at such a remarkable pace people have become so used to speedy solutions in day to day life that no one likes to wait for any website to load more than 5- 10 seconds, which ultimately hampers user experience. 

So to ensure that your website does not fall in the trap of slow and delayed display of your website content, optimise the speed of your website and make it as much mobile-friendly as possible with no or negligible pop-ups that create unnecessary disturbances in user experience. 

To help you optimise your website speed, Google is offering Google Page Speed Insights Tool which helps you diagnose your website and highlights the sections which are slowing down your website speed. This tool provides a complete report with a checklist that helps you improve your website speed. And once your speed is optimized and becomes mobile-friendly, Google will automatically rate your website on the top to enhance user experience and improve your website visibility.

Buffalo Soldiers TIP: Facing too much workload to optimize your website, we at Buffalo Soldiers are here to assist you in preparing and analyzing reports and take suitable action to enhance your website visibility.

Identify Relevant Keywords

Keywords play a very important role in SEO ranking for every brand and business that have an online presence and are ranked based on the effective use of keywords in their content. So to ensure that you are using the right set of keywords, it is necessary to undertake keywords research and understand the following key parameters to get better results. 

  • Identify what your target audience is typing to search for your business.
  • Understand the volume of searches for each keyword
  • Make a list of suitable keywords that are relevant to your business and are slightly different from those used by the top brands from the same industry which is popularly used by the target audience and to avoid competition. 

This exercise will help you perform better in SEO ranking and discover your target audience better. Ensure that you use these keywords in page titles, headings, meta descriptions, content and URLs effectively to increase the visibility over the internet.

These are some of the essential parameters that will help you perform exceedingly well if worked on properly. So grab your coffee and start your research to make your website shine over the internet or contact Buffalo Soldiers to help you excel in website visibility. 

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Pragati Soni