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Brand Storytelling: How to Tell A Brand’s Story with Video Marketing

Are you on the metro mindlessly scrolling through reels?


Are you reading this blog?

It is quite ironic that I am writing to explain how videos can tell your brand’s story. If you’re on the hunt for a branding agency in India, hopefully, this blog answers most of your queries. 

Brand storytelling is like a movie’s plot – you need a good story, among other things, to gain viewership, similarly, a good brand story encourages brand loyalty and influences action. 

Videos trigger a phenomenon called emotional contagion (think of the last time you felt anxiety while watching a horror flick). But where to start? Ding, Ding, Ding! What you need is clarity of purpose, whether to take a route filled with experiences, problem-solving and emotion or the one that the competitor takes – believe us when we say it’s better to take the one less travelled. 

Your goal is to create a connection with your customer. To do this, there are a few essentials to keep in mind:

  • First is show don’t tell (yea we know, a bit of a cliché but it’s true). If you have watched the Dear Apple campaign, you know what we’re talking about (If you haven’t, click here). Apple showcases beautifully the heartwarming experiences of Apple watch-wearers, quite cleverly positioning the product as an essential and not a luxury.
  • The second thing to take care of is the structure, your video needs to have an introduction, an inciting incident, a climax, and a resolution. Watch Cadbury’s “Not Just a Cadbury Ad” for their Diwali 2020 campaign (watch it here), they introduce covid-19 and its impact on small businesses, and they show the repercussions, the climax, and the solution they created. 

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The most crucial thing in today’s advertising world and short attention spans is that you need to keep things interesting for your audience. Think of pregnant pauses, emotional connections, and relatability – if you don’t hold this generation’s attention within the first 3 seconds, *BOOM* and they vanish. 

Did you know that the average human attention span is 8 seconds which is notoriously less than that of a goldfish at 9 seconds?

When you think of Brand storytelling, it needs to go beyond your product and needs to resonate with your values, your processes, and beliefs. 

The next step forward is to choose a format, where you post your video, and what the message and key take are. Like you and me, most of us watch content in public settings with most, if not always the sound turned off – this takes away the power of audio. Alfred Hitchcock once said, “If it’s a good movie, the sound could go off, and the audience would still have a perfectly clear idea of what was going on.” 

You need to decide whether your video needs a voiceover, a narration, or not. Your format depends on your story and the audience, do you need a live-action video with actual actors, motion graphics, or an immersive video (with AR/VR and all that cool stuff)? A branding agency in India can help you decide what needs to be done with your particular project.

The Powerful World Of Motion Graphics

When most people think of videos, they think of live-action, with humans on the screen. It works well as we get wired to relate to a human being on screen. This format lets you juggle between short form and a full-blown documentary of your brand, but it does require a lot of elements like actors, crew, location, and time. 

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The possibilities with Motion Graphics are endless, you can take different types of animation, and various design languages and go on to create an identity for your video language. Brand Storytelling in this setting is more controlled as you can play around with on-screen visuals and audio. Explainer videos work great with motion graphics as you break down concepts to the very atom and enable your audience to visualize them.  

Immersive videos have gained traction in the recent past, and they’re only going to go above and beyond in the future. Think of letting your audience be in the video, giving them a 360° view inside the video, and elements within the video they can interact with like a circle to complete using hand gestures, and more. It would require special equipment and specific technical skill. The format and the story need to be like a peanut butter and jelly sandwich to impact your audience.

And Therefore…

Video marketing is no longer an option for your brand to explore, it has become a necessity, given 72% of people in 2022 prefer consuming video content over text. You don’t have to make all these difficult decisions by yourself, you can always ask for help or choose to delegate (a word we Indians just love to use). Yet you do have to make the major decision of choosing the right branding agency in India

We are Buffalo Soldiers – a video production company in India. We are a tribe of storytellers and experts who live for content. We wake up every morning thinking of the next big thing and how we can help our clients be it. We believe in “go big or go home” and we have a track record of going big and killing it. 

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