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Why Your Business Needs A Solid Content Marketing Strategy

In recent years content marketing is no more just an exciting strategic market concept – it’s a proven & massively accepted marketing tool. 72% of business-to-business (B2B) marketers say SEO content marketing strategies have increased engagement and the number of leads they generated.

Let’s look at it through the lens of a Friends fan: Just as Ross was Rachel’s lobster, the ideal content marketing is the lobster of any business.

The real point is that content marketing is a tried and tested technology, and there’s no chance that a solid strategy would ever backfire and show no results! 

You might wish to reconsider how you work with your business after reading this article and employ a new content marketing strategy. (and of course, you’re going to find some ‘Friends’ references in this blog as well.)

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How To Develop A Content Marketing Strategy?

Even though different businesses need to employ different strategies to know what works for them but there are 3 stages of SEO content marketing strategy that you need to target. To develop a content marketing strategy, you should understand these three stages and provide the appropriate material at each stage of the sales cycle – to use it successfully.

Here is how your business can interact and close sales at each stage of the sales cycle:

1. Awareness Stage

It is crucial to know your audience, for example, if you are stuck in an ATM Vestibule with Jill Goodacre, you talk to Joey and not Monica!

Therefore, you need to know about your audience and be interested in a business that addresses the things that affect them. Talk about your buyers’ pain points, and challenges and answer their questions, then you have a higher chance of grabbing their attention. 

The suitable content for this stage is blogs, articles, e-books, and newsletters. All these 

Let’s understand this through some examples:

  • A University circulates a newsletter about ‘7 Reasons Why You Need a Graduate Degree’.
  • A home-grown bakery publishes an article about ‘Best Cake Flavour Combinations To Try’.

2. Consideration Stage

Content should provide a mix of valuable information and marketing during the consideration stage. It needs to inform the reader about the qualities or capabilities to seek out and how different aspects cater to various demands. 

The suitable content for this stage includes case studies, how-to articles, how-to videos, and checklists or worksheets.

Let’s understand this through some examples:

  • An Interior design firm putting a blog on the topic ‘How To Decorate Your House In Line With The Vastu’
  • An IT Company creating a case study about ‘The Biggest Mistakes People Make In Supply Chain Management’

3. Closing Stage

Whenever a potential customer is going to make a purchase, content marketing plays an important role. You should concentrate on sales at such a point as long as you keep emphasizing why you’re the best option available rather than just how excellent your services or products are.

Your knowledge, experience, and the unique advantages of what you sell should be the main points of your communication.

The suitable content for this stage includes case studies, user-generated content, buyer’s guide, product video, and research report.

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One final time – let’s understand this through some examples:

  • A creative agency (like us) posting short videos about the various services it sells to show its diverse profile.
  • A dentist posting testimonials from his clients.

Learning how to develop a content marketing strategy at every stage can be beneficial. You will have to deploy different forms of content, and each one of them may be different in their outlook, but their end goal is the same: to capture the right audience for you!

Further, Remember when Chandler cleaned the apartment? Monica was upset because it did not meet her high standards. Apply this to your SEO content marketing strategy; since you already know what you want the outcome to be, catch and hold your audience’s attention by being organized and ready for everything. Because ‘Monica Clean’ is one thing, but in real life, you don’t have to meet that particular set of standards. As in content marketing, the standards fluctuate – to provide an organic outlook. You just need to know your audience appropriately and the strategy in line, and there you go.

And Therefore…

The three stages mentioned above are the part of Content Marketing Funnel, which visualizes the journey a customer goes through at the time of purchasing a product. Only a good SEO content marketing strategy can push the customers to buy the product. For any business to flourish in this internet-dominant world, it’s essential to have a solid content marketing strategy.

Now, can you imagine Chandler saying, “Chandler doesn’t share food?”

No, right?

So, coming back to content marketing strategy, reach out to us- Buffalo Soldiers, because it’s better if the ideal character does the task. 

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