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5 Best Practices to Build A Strong Influencer Marketing Strategy

You hardly ever read through social media without coming across influencer marketing in some manner. Influencers are promoting their newest foods, apparel, beauty products, and candles, and it is only the beginning.

Targeting the right influencer to market your products will offer you a chance to reach an audience you wouldn’t have otherwise.

According to Social Media Today, 94% of brands who use influencer marketing find it an effective practice, and influencer marketing can generate up to 11 times the ROI of traditional advertising.

So Let’s First Understand How Social Media Influencer Marketing Works

It’s undeniable that everybody on social media has at least one favorite influencer they follow religiously. And it is so because the influencers today, too glorify their followers. Influencers, unlike actors, don’t conceal their lives, and they are open about every activity of their lives with their followers. Therefore, this is the reason why people believe in their favorite influencers because they establish that kind of connection with their followers.

Further, people tend to take more advice from influencers because they market the products with their specialization and niche. 

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Now, what does Social Media Influencer Marketing Strategy involve?

Working together or forming partnerships with social media influencers to promote your brand is known as influencer marketing. You may develop your influencer marketing plan to improve brand recognition, raise brand consciousness, and spur sales.

And Why Do You Require One?

Influencers may assist spark online conversations about your products and raise brand recognition because of their broad audience. They aid in increasing your visibility and let you connect with a new group of people who would not have otherwise been able to find you.

Top 5 Tips to Build A Strong Influencer Marketing Strategy:

1. Define Clear Goals

The kind of influencer you work with significantly depends on the overall goal of your influencer marketing campaign.

Additionally, it determines the type of content you will produce with influencers. You may evaluate the success of your campaign with the aid of a clear understanding of your marketing objectives.

Consequently, the first stage in developing your influencer marketing plan is identifying the precise objectives you want to accomplish.

These are some of the goals you may target:

  • Increasing your social media presence
  • Building your brand awareness
  • Improving your audience engagement on social media
  • Achieving higher profits

2. Choose Influencers That Match Your Aesthetic

A few businesses have learned the hard way how important it is to work with influencers whose aesthetics align with your own. Some marketers make the critical error of choosing influencers who do not share their company’s ideas. Just because some influencer is famous doesn’t guarantee they will be a great representative of your company. Furthermore, just because someone has a large fan base doesn’t necessarily make them a suitable representative of your brand.

Your campaign has little chance of being effective if there is a mismatch between your product and the influencer or their audience. To generate natural and genuine endorsements, brands must ensure that the personalities and attitudes of the influencers they deal with align with the brand’s concept.

3. Do Not Try To Micromanage Your Influencers

Some companies make the error of treating influencer marketing in the same manner as their conventional marketing initiatives. Particularly, some businesses attempt to micromanage their campaigns by producing all the material in-house and relying on influencers to deliver it, much like a television channel, radio station, or newspaper would.

You shouldn’t be doing that ideally because that’s not how influencer marketing works, the influencers have their signature way of marketing products, that defines them, and that’s what their audience will believe. Any attempt you make to change that can cause the campaign to fail instead.

However, it does not mean that you let them work independently on your project, as in you can provide them with some guidelines about how you would like to see things, and the influencer can incorporate that in the way it gels up with their style.

4. Do Contests And Giveaways

Work with an influencer to offer a giveaway of your goods as another creative influencer marketing technique. You can collaborate with an influencer, and they can put a giveaway on their social media where they lay the ground rules to follow you over your Instagram and engage with your posts. In contrast, a contest can ask people to participate in a survey or even a selfie contest.

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You can send the winners a gift basket filled with your goods, vouchers, or a free trial, promoting your products.

Giveaways and contests are excellent strategies to increase engagement, social media presence, and brand exposure. They provide you access to social media users who would not have otherwise been aware of your company or products. If the winner enjoys using your product, they could consider buying it, promoting it, and endorsing it.

5. Make Use Of Suitable KPIs

You may use measurements, known as key performance indicators (KPIs), to assess how well your influencer marketing plan is working.

And it is critical to use the appropriate KPIs to assess if your influencer marketing strategy helped you reach the intended objectives. It will also enable you to assess the effectiveness of your influencer marketing and its return on investment.

You can apply KPIs like the following based on your ultimate goal:

  • Increase in website traffic
  • The number of followers increases
  • Closing a specific number of sales in a particular period
  • Percentage increase in the Social media engagement
  • Revenue Targets achievement

Setting up the appropriate KPIs enables you to track any deviations and keep a close watch on the effectiveness of your influencer campaign. It helps you to take the required corrective actions to help you get the outcomes you want from your influencer marketing campaign.

And Therefore…

According to Mediakix, 71% of marketers agree that the quality of customers and traffic received from running an influencer marketing strategy is far superior.

A successful social media influencer marketing strategy has a clear objective, a target audience, and promotion methods. Additionally, it supports various sales funnel stages and helps convert prospects into devoted followers of your business. 

After giving this blog a thorough read, do you feel your strategy falls flat? Are you wondering where to even begin? We are here to help with our social media management services.

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