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5 Dont’s For Social Media Marketing

Everyone is now using social media to advertise their brand. It doesn’t matter if it’s a huge organization or a tiny local business. Everyone wants to join the trend of creating a social media presence for their business. The purpose is simple: that’s where the audience is. However, most marketers make several basic social media marketing mistakes.

When used strategically, social media may help you develop a brand community, expand your consumer base, and increase your ROI. However, if you continue to make social media marketing mistakes, all of your efforts will be for nothing.

Here are 5 things you should NOT do when using social media for business.

#1. Not Having a Social Media Marketing Plan

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Without a well-thought-out strategy, social media marketing may be a huge waste of time. This is a trap that many businesses fall into. They update their social media accounts irregularly, publish some of their stuff here and there, and try to get followers and customers. That isn’t how social media marketing is done; it is a lack of planning.

Social media marketing should be handled in the same manner that any other marketing campaign should be planned. You should have clear objectives, budgets, and a detailed plan of action that describes what you’re aiming to achieve, how you’ll get there, how you’ll assess your progress, and what resources you’ll need.

#2. Lie or Mislead

Social media may sometimes feel like a popularity contest. Everyone else tends to slip behind the “cool” kids, groups of people who have been around for a while and have built enormous fanbases. 

It may be tempting to build a phony character or be less than 100 percent authentic in what you share to improve your reputation and accelerate the growth of your following. This is never a smart idea, and it may harm not just your reputation, but also your brand in the long run.

#3. Being Too Formal

Yes, it’s necessary to maintain a professional demeanor, but social media is one area where companies may relax. Engaging with your consumers is an important aspect of what these platforms are for. Take advantage of the chance to unwind and have some fun. Use your content to show customers your brand’s lighter side. Humor, personal experiences, and experimenting with new sorts of media all help to personalize your business. Try posting:

  • Clips like “Introducing the office.”
  • Memes around your own brand.
  • Contests that encourage audience participation.

#4. Avoiding, Deleting, Counterattacking Negative Comments

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Negative feedback allows you to enhance your service quality while also building trust within your brand community. When a consumer is dissatisfied with your service and publishes an unpleasant, critical remark many companies opt to ignore it, while others try to erase it or respond with even worse words.

Let’s take a step back and look at this from a different perspective. That is your opportunity to convert the complainant into a loyal client – one who returns and informs others about your excellent customer service. It contributes to the success of your online customer loyalty initiatives.

Take negative feedback seriously and work to address the customer’s issue(s). Interact with them on the thread first, then try to move the topic to back channels and deal with it privately.

#5. Using Irrelevant Hashtags

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You must use hashtags if you want to boost awareness Involve your brand in a popular conversation, and your account will be seen by hundreds of people. This appears to be easy, but there is a significant disadvantage that you must be aware of.

Thousands of people will view your brand. Everyone will know if you make a mistake. Deleting the post will not redeem you because it can be retrieved via the online archive.

When in doubt, stick to basic, relevant hashtags—and keep to jokes that don’t bring brand principles into question.


There is no single thing you must do to improve your social media efforts. It is all about taking care of each component and aligning your goals and procedures so that you can accomplish the fundamentals effectively and grow on that.

Set a clear plan with objectives, deliver value to your customers, display customer care, don’t be sloppy, and meet audience expectations. If you follow these recommendations, you should be well on your way to having social media that increase your client base and skyrockets your ROI – which is what we all want.

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Arundhati Sensharma