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Design Drives Desirability

With the advent of smartphones, digital space has become even more equalised and accessible where business goals are increasingly accomplished through a digital product – website or mobile app – to engage better with customers and clients.

Damn neatly we create websites and mobile apps but we overlook how these products can better serve the consumers. This is where User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) concept is drilled in. But instead of talking about these two elements as two entities, we should focus it more as UI+UX = Creative design.

So what are the requirements? Just like a picture can speak a thousand words, a well-developed user interface and user experience can make or break your product. If a product is good but your UI is leading to unhappy customers then your product will not get recommended. That’s why it’s imperative to understand how to design a product that is efficient and easy to use. People are looking for the best in everything, this aspiration has to be accepted!

From a marketing perspective, a good UX leads to better interaction between a business and customers who can provide feedback on further improvement. An excellent user experience means your digital product is easy to use which increases the stickiness: fun, unique ad inviting. This is what many web development and design fail to adhere to. Many research into this has shown that better UX has lead to better financial performance. They experience higher revenues due to better retention, less price sensitivity, greater wallet share and positive word-of-mouth. In turn they lower expenses with reduced acquisition costs, fewer complaints, and fewer customer service requirements.

This blends in with user interface (UI). It’s no secret that a good designed product will sell. So the hallmarks of a good UI are having a consistent theme from screen to screen which includes graphics and animations, uniform layout and ease of use. Consistency is key element as it builds credibility and keeps users happy. This structure is also true for developing mobile apps.

Understanding why your business and customers would use your product and what you as a business want them to do is half the challenge when it comes to good user experience and user interface. The rest will fall into place with constant user feedback and implementing it.

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